Fiscal Conservatives — Whackjob Edition

Jeff Simpson has been writing about fiscal conservatives and their hypocritical stances.  The articles are wonderful (here’s the latest), and collected they will make a searing portrait of the GOP, from Ryan to FitzWalker and everyone in between.  I thought I’d go check out those in the GOP who give them their loony muscle nowadays, the Tea Partiers.  (Is “whackjob” a less offensive term than “tea baggers,” and if so, is it also less accurate?)  Anyway, here’s a small sketch of the Tea Partiers and what they think of fiscal responsibility.

No, what happens in Vegas doesn’t necessarily stay in Vegas, especially when the whackjobs forget to pay their bills.  Seems the Venetian resort in Vegas, owned by Tea Party whackjob supporter Sheldon Adelson, who has supported Tea Party whackjob causes with dollars int he past, is suing Tea Party Nation for $642,000 in unpaid bills.  The Tea Partiers whackjobs had planned a big soiree in the Venetian to coincide with the election last year, and when Sharron Engle lost they evidently lost faith in. . . paying their own bills.  From the Nevada Review:

Anyhoo, the upshot is that apparently the Tea Party doesn’t pay its bills. This shouldn’t surprise anyone watching their ideological brethren in the House of Representatives, where the Tea Party faithful are striving to destroy the American economy by refusing to pay government bills.

But what makes this story especially sweet is that the resort suing Tea Party Nation for more than $642,000 (apparently Tea Party Nation failed to sell many, or any, tickets to see Sharron and Co.) is Sheldon Adelson’s Venetian. Sheldon, you may recall, has funded various failing right-wing loons and organizations around the country and in Nevada. Perhaps now Mr. Adelson will see the fundamental bankruptcy of the Tea Party crowd and throw his support to the progressives.

The author here has it nailed. . . the GOP is looking to their  Tea Party wing whackjobs for inspiration on fiscal issues, or at least support, but  those guys are inveterate deadbeats.  David VanderLeest makes a model Tea Partier whackjob, eh?  I’m sure at least some of his fellow whackjobs here in Wisconsin are also fine models for the movement.



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13 thoughts on “Fiscal Conservatives — Whackjob Edition

    1. Ray has taken over for Notalib in the marginally
      literate, “frothing at the mouth” department.

      I have to say that he seems to be reaching new heights. Maybe it was just time for a “new generation” to step out on the front porch in their bathrobe and yell at the kids on the lawn.

      Welcome aboard, “Grandpa” Ray.

  1. Stupid would be not knowing the origin of the word “moonbat.” I don’t just know the origin, but also who coined the term and personally know against whom the term was used. Do you always use words you don’t know, Ray?

    1. “Do you always use words you don’t know, Ray?”

      Simple asnwer is, “Yes”.

      Ray has taken over the “marginally literate, frothing at the mouth” department from Notabib.

      He reminds me of that prison character that Daman Wayans used to play on “In Living Color”, full of words, but lacking the intellect to use them in the right way.

      Ray is a cauldron of bubbling, inchoate wingnut rage. Inevitably some of the bile spills over the edge and onto blogs like this one.

  2. Hey, and just for giggles, Ray, can you comment on the post with substantive commentary, or are you only about insulting with words you don’t understand?

    1. Ray is busy right now stirring the cauldron. So, I’m just going to go ahead and answer your questions for him.


      And yes.

  3. This is the best you have? Tea partyiers pay their taxes unlike numerous Democrats in the Obama administration that needed to square up with the IRS before taking their posts…..Timmy G, Rhamit E to name two.

    Oh what about Dem Congressman Rangel? They all love taxing others, but they don’t like to pay their own.

    1. No, Tea Partiers don’t necessarily pay their taxes. For example, see “VanderLeest, David.” How could you forget such a fine example of whackjobbery as that when I mentioned him in the post?

  4. As to “moonbat,” Michelle Malkin coined the term to refer to the readers of the Eschaton Blog. That was at least six years ago. I spoke on a panel at the first convention of the Eschaton folks, and still have my T-Shirt, proudly proclaiming my “moonbat” identity.

    Man, I’ll have to see if Duncan Black has left for Europe yet. Perhaps I can talk him into commenting on the state of things in Wisconsin. Yeah, I’ve shared many a pint with Duncan, and a few with Markos Moulitsas and Glenn Greenwald, back before I moved to Wisconsin. “Moonbat?” It’s a badge of honor.

    1. I do not believe that your etymology of “Moonbat” is correct. I wouldn’t make a deal of it excecpt for your earlier post:

      “Stupid would be not knowing the origin of the word “moonbat.” I don’t just know the origin, but also who coined the term and personally know against whom the term was used. ”

      It’s my understanding that the term was coined at least in the political sense by Perry de Havilland. At least that’s what the New York times reported:

      I do recognize that the term was previously used in the 40’s by Robert Heinlein in his book “Space Jockey.”

  5. Teabaggers are disgusting people. Yes, that’s a generalization. Show me one who isn’t whiny, repulsive, bigoted, stupid, and uneducated and I’ll change my mind.

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