6 thoughts on “How has Scott Walker’s budget impacted you?

  1. It has emboldened Gov. Kay-suck of Ohio to copy him and follow the Koch brothers’ game plan to shaft the American People.

  2. A better question might be ‘How is Walker’s budget negatively impacting the businesses you support?’
    Several businesses and organizations are affected by or will not survive my budget review after I find out how much take-home pay I lose as a result of Walker’s budget.
    My local grocery store loses $50 a week. $2600 in lost sales per year, from my family alone.
    My local hardware store loses (best guess) about $200 a year in general sales as I eliminate spring and fall gardening and yard maintenance purchases.
    Coffee shops, restaurants and the local movie theater lose varying amounts as I cut back or eliminate spontaneous lunches or evenings out. It doesn’t happen often but it adds up to a few dollars a year.
    Magazine subscriptions expire and are not renewed.
    Charitable donations decrease.
    Vacations or weekends away? Don’t think so. I could barely swing a vacation before this. That’s gone.
    A general carefulness replaces my budgetary comfort level because I now work in a setting where it is clear that not only do I have no more protections, I am working for people who would enthusiastically remove more of my pay and benefits in the name of ‘standing up for the taxpayer’. So, just about every purchase I make will be reviewed and cut back or eliminated.
    You can’t spend what you don’t have and you shouldn’t spend what you have a good chance of losing. And that will have interesting consequences, all over the state.

    1. Silly Sue. Don’t you understand we’re all better off giving that money of yours to corporate executives so they can upgrade their gulf streams? How long must they suffer?!

  3. oh good gawd *eye roll*

    Anyways. It hasn’t at this point. Impacted me I mean.
    As a person who stays alive via the Private Sector situation anything that Teachers et al may be dreading or just beginning to experience, well that all trickled on over me and mine these last few years, and by years I guess it’s actually at least a decade.
    And yes, there is a list, I could go on at some length about the ways that I have PERSONALLY seen/felt the erosion in the provate sector
    However you asked about Walker and are more interested in Public sector. Aren’t they all…

    So, it has “only” effected me with an increased sense of dread, overwhelming my already overwhelming contempt and disbelief that the political processes of today will be anything but destructive and basically has caused nausea and even some sleeplessness. Yes, I squid you not – I have had to force myself away from “News” for extended periods in order to protect my FRAGILE MENTAL HEALTH.

    But basically Walker is just doing to Unions and Publics what Private dudes have been doing to their employees for freakin years. And all the Publics are up in arms over the idea of “Being Like Those PrivateSEctor Guys Over There”
    Perfectly understandable, but that also makes me feel a little less “bonding” with my fellow man, since they have proven once again to be really darn self-serving – okay to watch other people get boinked, but all weepy when the cannon swivels their direction.
    I guess the short answer to this question is – Walker’s policy’s have made me more hostile than I had even thought possible.

    So now I’m enjoying a phase I’d describe as Passive Curiosity, waiting to see just how much Contempt one frail human form can actually hold. Thus far, my connective tissue does not seem to be breaking down.
    Will keep you posted.

    1. Annie K.

      Get angry at the cannoneers, not the folks getting “boinked” by cannons. The rift between public and private workers is one of the saddest results of all this.

      In a field in Wisconsin, public sector workers and private sector workers met to duke it out and see, once and for all, who had it worst. On the hill overlooking the battle, the men had it best of all puffed their cigars. “Well, we’ve got them all together in one place,” said one, and sipped his Scotch. “Roll in the cannons,” said the other, adjusting his cuff-links.

  4. How about you cut teachers’/public workers’ benefits once they’re paid the same as the private sector workers?

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