Just a quick note to all my conservative readers

While it appears all the real Democrats looking to unseat those Republican State Senators who are the subjects of recall elections will prevail against their “fake Democrat” opponents, I don’t ever want to hear another word from any of you about vote fraud perpetrated by Democrats, unless you’ve publicly condemned what Republicans have done to promote the fraudulent candidacies of those “fake Democrats.”

I’ve heard or read absolutely no criticism from those on the right about what Republicans have done to promote the candidacies of the “fake Democrats” who were placed on ballots simply to confuse voters and delay the recall elections. The mere presence of these “fake Democrats” on ballots across Wisconsin should be enough to infuriate any reasonable Wisconsinite who cares about fair and clean elections, but apparently Republicans want to have it both ways.


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19 thoughts on “Just a quick note to all my conservative readers

  1. How can a conservative worry so much about voter fraud that a law is implemented requiring voter ID, but then not be concerned about conservatives running as Democrats in primary elections? Let’s lay to rest this ridiculous notion that voter ID is about preventing fraud. Both moves are solely about power mongering.

  2. There’s the right tone, Zach! These dbags deserve NO respect and quarter after they’ve stood on the side and allowed WisGOP’s disgraceful act to go on. Cowles wimping out on the budget because he feared the Kochs screwing him in either a primary or redistricting is exhibit A as to why they cannot be allowed in power one day longer than they legally are allowed to.

    Eisenhower’s GOP is dead, and until all decent people decide to do the moral thing and PUNISH THESE BASTERDS, they must go down, and go down very hard.

  3. I am relatively conservative and believe voter ID is a reasonable measure to ensure the integrity of elections.

    I do not support the use of “fake candidates” to prolong the election process. I believe that it was a mistake for the republican party to follow this route, and in the end it will provide no substantial benefit.

    I realize that the democratic party is running their “fake candidates” in their own primary, so it is a little different. However, it is still an effort to place a candidate on the ballot for the sole purpose of delaying the actual election. I do not support this either.

    Hopefully that allows me to comment on the voter ID issue in the future.

    1. I’m mostly with you. I support a reasonable photo ID requirement for voting, but I won’t bother getting into it again since we’ve gone ’round & ’round on that here & nobody’s changing their opinion.

      I think the running of fake candidates by both parties is garbage. But then, I think both state parties are garbage as a general rule. To a minor extent, I get the rationale of the Republicans to push the date back. There shouldn’t have been a need to do it – the GAB managed the recall stuff poorly. They should have looked at the bigger picture & set the recalls and primaries if necessary on the same dates – NOT a Republican election and a Democrat election. Whether it was politics, just bad luck or being tone-deaf, I don’t know, but it was a bad call. That said – no excuses for anyone, running fake candidates is…for lack of a better word, just play crappy. And to boot, it also pointed out how poorly run the Republican party is – the Dems have been better at politics in this state for a long time, & their response in-kind made them look foolish. Was there no one in the state GOP who could have seen how it would play out?

      I really despise the whole recall-mania in it’s entirety. In most cases, the people involved were either recently (re-)elected or will be facing re-election very soon anyway. Nothing any of the individuals did rises up to meet my definition of behavior that would warrant a recall. For #&$@!! sake, we didn’t recall Jeff Wood! The recalls are an unnecessary expense, only serve to poison the atmosphere and turn people further off of politics and government. In all likelihood, we’re going to see people take office who receive considerably less votes than the person they’re replacing got just a year or two ago.

      If that’s what democracy looks like…we need to try something else.

      1. Jeff Wood was a State Representative, so I think even if they tried to get a recall moving – at that point it was pointless because they could easily vote him out instead. Because of the recall law of saying you have to be in there for a year in office per term, it’s pointless to do. Because well — State Representatives only have two years per term. State Senators have four years per term.

        It’s a huge reason why Democrats have not aimed towards the representatives in recall elections – representatives have shorter terms than senators. It’s a case of why bother recall the assembly members when they are only in there for a shorter amount of time and so it’s a lot more reasonable to get the ball rolling against them by putting a candidate against them next time it rolls around.

        Just explaining about this. You bring up a good point about Jeff Wood, and I personally think if he was a senator, he might actually have been threatened with recall.

        1. Well actually let me correct this:

          This is a reason why Democrats and Republicans have not aimed towards State Representatives. It’s pointless to do because of the terms and the rules of recall. (since it was the Republicans who started the recall mania in the first place. It’s just the other side was more organized. )

        2. I think it’s pretty certain that if Jeff Wood had been a State Senator just a year into his term when he started getting into legal trouble he would have faced a recall.

          1. But that was only his most recent offense – certainly not his first.

            Regardless of the minutia of the process itself, my point remains: “we” did not have him removed from office despite repeatedly breaking major laws and yet “we’re” spending probably millions to remove from office guys who’s political positions we disagree with.

            And let us not forget, he actually got sprung from jail so he could cast a deciding vote in the Assembly on approving public employee union contracts. And worth noting, nobody here had a problem with that.

            I simply do not believe disagreeing with an elected official’s political positions merits a recall. And when your party goes after somebody that they couldn’t even be bothered to actually run a candidate against, that’s just pathetic.

  4. Wisconsin had A fair and clean election,your side lost. Reasonable people are infuriated with all this recall nonsense .Millions of dollars wasted thanks to the blue fisted haters. Zach why don’t you show some of this fake outrage at all of the lies Obama told you. You should be outraged that justice Bradley still has A job after attacking justice Prosser. Whats the most outrages is you Zach, calling democrat voters stupid.

    1. Ray, you’re always good for a laugh when you froth at the mouth like that.

      You should try to hang out with Locke if you have a chance. Maybe some of his intellect and maturity will rub off on ya.

    2. ray, you’re absolutely 100% right that the voters spoke on election day, and then many of those same voters made their voices heard when their elected officials took a turn to the hard right.

      Oh, and since you mentioned the “millions of dollars wasted,” I’m sure you’ll no doubt voice your outrage at the hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxpayer money that was wasted because the Republican Party of Wisconsin and Republicans like Scott and Jeff Fitzgerald decided to run fake Democrats in the recall elections.

    3. “Reasonable people are infuriated with all this recall nonsense .”

      Okay, Ray, since you always seem to be throwing out “facts”, like this, let’s see if you’re right.

      A recent University of Wisconsin Badger poll, conducted 6/17-7/10, could prove helpful in this regard.

      According to the poll, taken in the midst of “all this recall nonsense”, Wisconsinites overwhelmingly (78%) think that the recall option in the state constitution is a good thing.

      Ouch, right, Ray?!

    4. Fair except for one thing, Ray. The winning candidate ran under false pretenses. Provably false pretenses. Is that not fraud?

      Your reaction please.

  5. When you run on one platform and then one month into your term you “drop the bomb” and do something completely and totally different I think that is the ultimate grounds for a recall and would guess that our Founders would agree with me.

    Wood obviously had some problems that need addressing, what Walker did was well thought out in advance and calculated. What Walker did was 10000 time worse than anything Jeff Wood did. Hence the recalls! I will agree though Locke that the GAB handled them all poorly.

    1. Jeff, Walker did not do anything unethical, so there is no reason to recall. I’m sure Doyle never specifically said in a campaign that he was going to raise taxes, so when he did do you believe it would have been ok to recall him? No! That’s what the next election is for. That’s why the founding fathers created short terms — so that officials would be held accountable.

      1. You say Gov. Walker didn’t do anything unethical, but I disagree. Of course, I wouldn’t expect you to actually admit that a Republican elected official actually did something unethical (that might actually cause your head to explode), but I’ll go ahead and disagree.

        I’d argue that blatantly lying is unethical, and Scott Walker is on record lying about the “budget repair” bill. He told us all it was necessary to help balance the state’s budget deficit, only to turn around and admit under oath to Congress that the union-busting provisions contained in the “budget repair” bill had no fiscal impact on the state’s bottom line, as the Legislative Fiscal Bureau noted.

        Maybe you don’t think blatant lying is unethical, but I do.

        1. Forg do you think that the budget repair bill and ending all public employee collective bargaining was something he came up with in January out of the blue Or something that he had thought about for a while even before the election?

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