Those classy conservatives

I have to give it to those classy conservatives.

If they’re not comparing President Barack Obama to Adolph Hitler, they’re comparing him to Jim Jones of Jonestown infamy.

I wonder if these same folks would be righteously indignant (or downright incensed) if I compared George W. Bush to a chimpanzee or perhaps Homer Simpson. I’m betting they would be, but apparently there’s no hypocrisy involved when it comes time to attack President Obama.

H/T to Harris Kane of heartland hollar.


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2 thoughts on “Those classy conservatives

  1. “Drinking the kool-aid” has entered the popular venacular. It’s used all the time! I don’t think that’s over the line. The Hitler thing is, as this is your second post on that subject.

    Not sure where the hypocrisy comes in. The fact that you have links to Bush criticsm that may be over the line just proves both sides can go too far. Political parties are almost by defintion hypocritical, because they will always point out the other side’s shortcomings and none of their own.

    But your guy is in power right now. The honeymoon is over. The gloves are going to come off. So you better get used to it.

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