6 thoughts on “Why is America in such a mess politically?

  1. America is really messed up, its been hidding money from the citizens and Native americans. I am a native from fort peck in montana, the fucking government is lying and cheating us out of billions of dollars, nearly 13 billion to be accurate. the government owes us alot for taking MY land, my peoples land. Alot of racists fucking people don’t care about us native americans, and i ain’t asking for their sympathy. we need what is owed and promised to us from the us government. i am from Poplar Montana on the Sioux reservation. the government needs to be honest with my people and the u.s. people.

  2. I’m not sure how many unique viewers Fox has, but suspect it’s a pretty small percentage of the electorate.

    I submit the real reason for America’s political mess is the political disengagement of an enormous number of voters. Why exactly that might be is an open question for me, but I think we need to gather support for the rightness of our progressive views, rather than spend most of our energy attacking the wrongness of GOP views.

    After all, most people agree with us. (e.g. http://goo.gl/oOMv0).

  3. I would guess Greg that a high majority of Fox News viewers actually do vote.

    i agree with you that we do need to bring out more progressive voters and that most people do agree with us. I think that the massive negative ad campaigns run during all elections are not to sway people towards one candidate or another, they are meant to sway people from actually voting. They do not want a large turn out they want a small turnout. As Wisconsin’s own Paul weyrich tells us:

    I try, and i think we have here, a good mix of why we are right and how crazy they are. At least that is my goal.

    Thanks for the comment.

  4. Why did the argument change from Global Warming to Climate Change?
    Oh thats right the rest of us are morons, we weren’t supposed to notice.
    Just keep beleiving that you are all better and smarter than the unwashed masses, it will lead to the destruction of the Democratic party.

  5. @ Dbag

    “Why did the argument change from Global Warming to Climate Change?”

    It’s all the same thing, moron.

    “Oh [sic] thats [sic] right [sic] the [sic] rest of us are morons. . .”

    Sorry, didn’t mean to steal your line.

    “Just keep believing that you are all better and smarter than the unwashed masses.”

    It’s not that we believe it. You just keep demonstrating that you and your wingnut brethren are morons. Hey, YOUR word, not mine, Dbag.

    That said, you know, you COULD just take a shower once in a while. That might help with people’s perception of you.

    “. . .[I]t will lead to the destruction of the Democratic party.”

    Yeah, I don’t think so, Dbag. You should probably be spending your time, and limited brain power, worrying about what America’s changing demographics and cultural values portend for the Republican Party, for Tea Party and for the Right, generally.

    Good luck with that, white boy.

  6. I think America is in the mess it is in because most of America has turned their back on God. If you read and understand the Bible, Homosexuality is a sin, killing babies is a sin and the list goes on. Our country namely our President who should uphold the laws of God have given the ok to the people to do pretty much what they wish with no regard for God and Country. You can’t run God out of the schools and the courthouses and allow or promote sinful behavior and expect God’s grace. I think he has just taken his hand off America and said” You don’t want me and you don’t want to obey me, then reap what you sew”. I fear for what is ahead. I can’t believe the American people are so blind.

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