More on Paul Ryan’s (R- Hedge Fund Managers) Wine Binge

What amazed me most about the Paul Ryan drinking $350 bottleS of wine, was not that he did it, he has always loved living large off the taxpayers, it was the right wing echo chambers rush to defend him. Recently named, the most unpopular politician in America, did not stop the right wing echo chamber of Wisconsin to rush to defend him. They even attacked Susan Feinberg for confronting Pink Slip Paulie. The problem I have is its fine to defend the indefensible just try and be honest about it. \"Fairly Conservative\" and many others even tried to push the false meme that Feinberg would NOT talk about the incident. As with the rest of the right wing echo chamber talking points, it just was not true.

Here is the “clammed up” Ms. Feinberg:

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1 thought on “More on Paul Ryan’s (R- Hedge Fund Managers) Wine Binge

  1. Increasing my unpopularity, because that’s what I do now…

    I care a whole lot about the decisions Paul Ryan makes ON the job. I care about laws he might break on or off the job. I care about the ethics he might use or not use while campaigning, and I care about the depth, breadth and extent of lies he might tell to the American public to mislead them into Hell.

    I could care less how much he pays for his boxer shorts, who he sleeps with unless it involves force, a hooker, or “massage” girl. I do not care what he puts in his intestinal tract or how much he pays for it. And I think even a douchebag should be able to sit and have dinner without being accosted or having the contents of their table critiqued by random people – unless that table has body parts on it.

    The woman was out of line and if I was him I woulda said Fuck you also. If this can be done to Paul Ryan then any Democrat can be similarly assailed and heck, even any blogger
    Hey! that post you wrote last week You bastard! Look at how your kids are dressed! etc.
    Look at how much make-up your wife wears!!! Her ass is too fat!!! you’re spending too much on junk food.

    Paul Ryan sucks, but this woman is no Rosa Parks, it’s just more Jerry-Springer type race to the bottom. Nobody who is in public service and getting their checks from taxpayers had better ever order Pinot Noir. Because I as a Taxpayer OWN THEIR ASS, and I say No Pinot Noir. Even if they’re gonna die the next day and it’s their final wish.

    This is like Thought Police on crack.
    How much does Ryan’s toilet paper cost? What is the proper ass-wiping expenditure permitted for people who would like to Ruin America? Hmm there’s a knotty problem for Miss Manners.

    I wonder how much Hitler spent on wine, was it an appropriate cost for someone who was supporting Dr. Mengele’s human experimentation?
    If the cost was appropriate, was the vintage? The table-setting? If you experiment on live humans, can you serve red wine with fish? Wear white after Labor Day?
    If Barack Obama is not stopping the living hell of a life that was once known as Bradley Manning’s, should Obama then enjoy Pinot Noir either? Or is he morally operating at a level where he must drink only Carlo Rossi? or maybe some crappy Mogen David?
    Oh my, so many ethical dilemmas. We need a show hosted by a Political Sommelier immediately after the Olbermann show to clear these issues up.

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