Kim Simac can’t name a single piece of state legislation she supports or opposes

During a public forum earlier this week, Tea Party Republican State Senate candidate Kim “cops are cowards” Simac was asked to name a specific piece of legislation moving through the Capitol that she’d either support or oppose if elected. In response to the question, Simac drew a complete blank.

“What specific legislation is moving through the Capitol right now that you look forward to – if elected – supporting or challenging?” asked the moderator during a forum on WRJO-FM (94.5) in Eagle River.

After asking for the question to be read a second time, Simac then responded:

“Hmm, well, I think that . . . I guess I would have to say that with all of the things that I’ve been looking at, I think you just stumped me.”

I’m not one bit surprised Kim Simac couldn’t name a single piece of legislation she’d support or oppose if elected, because Kim Simac strikes me as the kind of person who’s less interested in the actual hard work of legislating and who’s more interested in her own press clippings and publicity.


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8 thoughts on “Kim Simac can’t name a single piece of state legislation she supports or opposes

  1. Neither can Kim Simac name the cunning, shrewd enemy among us, as I challenged her to do last week on this blog.

    But a commenter with the screen name “conservative” did reply that the teaching of Marxist ideology in our schools, along with the “fact” that children are allowed to read a Koran in school, though not the Bible, is an example of this enemy.

    This sounds like something Anders Brevik, the Norwegian who recently murdered dozens of Norwegian teenagers, might have said.

    So I hope the Wisconsin press has the stones to ask Kim Simac who she thinks the enemy among us is, and I dearly hope the voters in the 12th senate district will roundly reject Simac, who may well be a disturbed paranoiac.

  2. Can anyone here do so with out looking? I can’t . After the redistricting bill past I haven’t seen a single bill reported in the papers or any blog. With the recalls is any legislation even happening?

    1. Hey, dipstick…Simac’s running for public office so she SHOULD be able to name legislation. If she can’t, it’s like applying for an IT solutions position and telling the interviewer: “I don’t know much about computers.”

      You right-wingers are incredibly stupid.

      1. Jan,

        I may be dense but I’m still trying to figure out what your posts add to this blog other than name calling. I have yet to see a single post where you have articulated your position without either personal attacks or condemnation of right wingers.

        Your posts come off as bitter and I’m sorry for whatever you’ve have experienced in your life that has given you that outlook in life. I also hope that calling me a “dipstick” gives you some consolation and makes you feel better. My ego can take it.

        If your looking for a virtual pat on the back or a “that-a-girl”, maybe you’ll occasionally find that here with your ascerbic posts. But if you are looking at influencing opinions or actually having an intelligent discourse I’m afraid your posts fall short.

        I know, as a right winger, you feel I’m not capable of intelligent discourse, but at least let me awe at your intelligent and inspiring arguments.

  3. Yeah….Senate Joint Resolution 34, which would amend the state constitution to grant a right to employees to collectively bargain on the subjects of wages, hours, and working conditions.

    It was introduced by Senators Carpenter, Hansen, Wirch, Miller and Larson.

  4. Hey, dipstick how could you vote for A no experience Obongler that didn’t even know how many states we have. That’s like saying yes but you really meant was to say no

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