Republicans barred from Wausau Labor Day Parade

I agree 1,000% with this…

Marathon County Labor Council President Randy Radtke speaks out about the council’s choice to exclude Republicans from the Labor Day Parade in Wausau.

The council president says that after Governor Walker signed the bill, stripping most union workers of their rights to collectively bargain, a bill, he says was pushed through thanks to the support of area Republicans, he decided to ban them from the parade.

Radtke says Labor Day is about honoring hard working people, and in his opinion, Republicans don’t represent those values.

“They only want something to do with us one day out of the year,” Radtke says. “What about the other 364? What about those? Why now..why this one day?”

Clearly oblivious to the fact that Labor Day is meant to honor the social and economic achievements of American workers, the office of Republican Congressman Sean Duffy, who’s never been a friend to union workers, issued a statement whining about not being invited to Wausau’s Labor Day Parade, saying, “Having walked in this parade in past years, Congressman Duffy was hoping that for a moment, we could set our differences aside and simply have some fun in a family-friendly event.

In reading that statement, I get the distinct impression that Rep. Duffy really believes that Republican efforts to weaken labor unions – efforts which include the attacks by Gov. Scott Walker and Republicans in the legislature against public employees – are just “differences” to be put aside when convenient. However, to those of us who’ve been directly impacted by the anti-union efforts of Republicans, this isn’t a “difference” to be put aside – it’s deeply personal.

I’m glad anti-union Republicans are being barred from participating in Wausau’s Labor Day Parade, because they shouldn’t be given the opportunity to appear as if they support workers when the reality is they support corporations and the wealthy, often at the expense of workers.


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43 thoughts on “Republicans barred from Wausau Labor Day Parade

    1. No. If a christian group held a parade and got permits they don’t have to allow satanist to march with them int he same parade. The parade is not a government or taxpayer sponsored thing, it’s not a public group.
      I see conservatives get really confused all the time about the “equal time” issue while they simultaneously harp about freedom for businesses to do what they want and serve who they want.
      It’s like Republicans having meetings that are closed to Democrats, or even like a family reunion that signs out a particular park shelter for the day – they don’t have to serve Grandma’s baked beans to everyone who walks up.
      Neo-Nazis can get a parade permit as can Sean Duffy. They can walk those same streets with their invited guest. Presumably Sean as a citizen could actually walk behind or wherever the public is allowed along the parade route.

      Perverts can’t demand to be allowed to march with Girl Scouts if they have a parade etc etc.
      People have a right to assembly, with those of their choosing. When Sarah Palin takes over part of a public space, it can be cordoned off for approved people only. It’s not fascism.

      To say “we’re not inviting this guy to our party this year, even though we have had him other years, because we think he’s a prick now” that’s not fascism, it’s just normal human behavior. The reason this is “news” is that it shows how deep divisions are now. In times past, people (who often hated each other) faked it up for the sake of Photo ops and publicity. Then they went back to hating each other.
      This time people are saying ‘let’s not even try to fool anyone, we’re not friends and no one believes that at all”

      Nothing is lost here, except perhaps a dishonest un-real photo-op between 2 groups of people who hate each other’s guts. But Sean Duffy has lost zero of his freedom of speech or assembly or any of that.
      His people can organize a parade any time they want, they can get permits and bring potato salad any time they want. But they won’t invite me, and that’s not fascism.
      And I’d be an idiot to get all whiny about it. Grow up.

      1. In summary: If you’re going to be a bully don’t cry when you’re not invited to the birthday party.

      2. Annie, your analogies aren’t even close. Please give us an example of a christian group holding a parade (with taxpayer dollar support) that has been exclusionary. I don’t believe I’ve heard of an exclusionary taxpayer sponsored girl scout parade either- although I have heard many complaints about the Boy Scouts (a facist hate group- according to MSNBC)using public areas.

        A better analogy would be if an annual St. Patrick’s Day parade exluded gays, due to St. Patrick’s association with Catholism. Hmmmm, do you think this would be OK?

        Last, my wife works for the UW and just had her paycheck reduced, so I am upset and affected by the Gov. However, if you cannot see the problems with this parade, you need to take the blinders off.

        1. state Sen. Pam Galloway — said they were disappointed by the council’s decision. Galloway, of Wausau, said she considers all parades a chance to talk to residents of her district.

          I am curious as to how open and available Pam Galloway was to her constituents in Feb/March/April when the republicans defied a court order and had the Capitol on lockdown? If she turned any of the citizens away in her district or refused to meet with them at this time, can we charge the republican party for security costs?

          Can we charge Paul Ryan personally for the costs of his office now that he is having his constituents arrested instead of meeting with them?

          The hypocrisy and fake outrage of the right is very tiresome at times.

  1. Fascism? Was the first comment here REALLY a Godwin by a right winger? How funny. . . . and ignorant.

  2. Kudos to Randy Ratke! It’s about time someone says “that’s just not right. Republicans walking in a parade that celebrates worker’s rights reeks of irony. I plan to attend with my family and friends if they do not allow the Republicans to participate and I will drive an hour to do it!

  3. The WisGOPs did it to themselves. If they don’t like being crucified, maybe they shouldn’t climb up on the cross to proclaim how “tough on unions” they are. Being excluded won’t be the worst fate these Koch-suckers have to deal with over the next year, I assure you.

    Suck it up and take it. You know, like you say to people like me who didn’t do anything other than choose a profession that helped people instead of chasing dollars and lying for a living.

  4. Does Rep. Duffy understand the concept of Labor Day? It’s not just the last three day party weekend of the summer.

  5. Stuff and nonsense. Duffy was good enough to walk in the parade before and honor American Labor but now because of Wisconsin Republicans he is snubbed. Disgusting.
    There was a time when Labor Day meant that the Federal Government recognized the value of all American labor but now it apparently is corrupted in Wausau to mean that only the 14 % of the Wisconsin labor force that is union is honored.
    It is a sad day for American workers when Labor Day is intended only for unions. I’ll never attend another celebration of Labor if that is what this is about. ( And me with three Teamster and two teacher union relatives in the family.)
    It may surprise everyone here to know that ~48% of workers are Republicans and ~48% are Democrats but if union Dems go ahead and snub them then you will continue to watch union membership fall. What a silly thing to do.

    1. Sean Duffy took the opportunity at his town hall meeting in Hayward a few months ago to express contempt for the 14 Dem senators who went to Illinois to give the rest of us a chance to challenge Walkers union busting bill.

      If Duffy wants an invite to a Labor Day parade he should issue a statement calling on Walker and the Fitzies to repeal their collective bargaining bill.

      I don’t think there’s anything partisan about the Labor Councils decision. I’m guessing Russ Decker didn’t get an invite either.

    2. “It may surprise everyone here to know that ~48% of workers are Republicans and ~48% are Democrats but if union Dems go ahead and snub them then you will continue to watch union membership fall. ”

      I would like to see some supporting documentation on this…I would be really surprised if only 4% of our labor force identified themselves as Independent or Other.

      And although Organized Labor and the Democratic Party seem joined at the hip, they aren’t identical constituencies as you’ve already pointed out. I don’t think the party has as much influence over labor as you think…but I do think labor has a lot of influence over what the party says and does.

    3. Put the violin down, Partially Blue. No one’s buying your sad song of anti-labor, wingnut victimhood.

      The Republicans, Sean Duffy, in particular, had it coming.

      How much are you getting paid to post tripe like this on sites like Blogging Blue? And who’s paying you? Karl Rove? Dick Armey and the Koch brothers? Reince (with a name like that no wonder he seems like he got a stick up his wazoo all of the time)?

      1. Leave him alone, Partially Blue is a very sensible and principled individual who has been around here since the beginning of this blog. I don’t always agree with him, but I do understand where he’s coming from.

        You really don’t need to accuse him of these things.

        1. “Very sensible and principled”? Guess we’re just going to have to disagree about that.

          In any event, there was absolutely nothing “sensible” in what he/she had to say in the comment to which I responded.

          That said, T, you’ve been tripping, on some strange-ass ideological journey, lately. What’s up with that?

        2. “You really don’t need to accuse him of these things. ”

          Guess we’re just going to have to disagree on that, too.

          I’m with Jan.

  6. I’ll send the Marathon County Labor Council $100.00 to offset their costs if they’ll hold their ground. My wife and I live on $50,000.00 per year so we’re not exactly rolling in dough.

    I’d request that everyone reading this blog make the same public commitment.

    1. Steve, I probably disagree with you on most political issues but I respect your willingness to put your money behind your beliefs.

  7. I know the origins of Labor Day. I know that regardless of which political party holds Congress (or the Executive Branch) that the Department of Labor continues to exist. It is not a Republican or a Democrat department that comes and goes with the political tide. I know, too, that Labor Day is a national holiday to honor the American worker, that union efforts changed the social work contract between owners and workers, and I know that many union ideas were adopted into statutory codes for all businesses to adhere to. I also know that the AFL-CIO website says in its Labor Day FAQs:
    Q: Is Labor Day just about unions?
    A: No. The U.S. Department of Labor describes Labor Day this way: “It is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity and well-being of our country.”

    I think Labor Day is about workers but some here think it is about unions. I think it is about people but some here think it is about organizations that vote Democrat. Democrats have always welcomed unions just as Republicans have welcomed Big Business but that does not mean only Republicans work in corporations or that all union members are Democrats.

    For decades, the Federal government, whether Republican or Democrat, honored American workers whether they were Republican or Democrat.
    But apparently here it is acceptable to exclude Republicans from Labor Day because you just don’t like “them Republicans” for what Walker did in Wisconsin. This is pettiness.

    I remember when a new CEO came on board to our company. We learned that he came from GE. The buzz around the building was that he must be a jerk if he worked at GE. When the new CEO addressed the company he said “Don’t judge me by where I worked, instead judge me by who I am and what I do.” He turned out to be a fine CEO.

    Don’t judge a man by his political party instead judge him by who he is and what he does.

    Ed, I was simply pointing out that across America the two political parties have divvied up the electorate in equal amounts. In any election, we will see the percentages change slightly. I agree that union labor is still a voting bloc that demands results from one political party.

    Thanks, T. , for your support.

    1. the two parties may divvy up the electorate nearly equally but still don’t think that the Republican ticket ever gets 48% of the working electorate…many of their supporters aren’t working class.

      And I don’t invite my ex to my birthday parties either.

  8. 2 things PB.

    1. I think everyone involved have seen sean duffy for who he is and judged him unworthy to be included in the parade. I concur with that decision.

    2. I would hardly call the Department of Labor under Elaine Chao a true department of labor. Bush could hardly have found a worse choice.

  9. Since Republicans in Wisconsin supported Walker and his anti-union agenda, excluding them from a Labor Day parade makes perfect sense. Quit whining about it, Blue. You voted for the assholes.

  10. I am an AMERICAN worker and am not part of a union. I labor just as hard as someone who is part of a union and completely disagree with trying to use Wausau for this purpose. Mr. Radtke stated that Republicans should be ashamed to show their faces at the parade. I say SHAME on YOU for even trying to exclude them.

  11. Labor Day doesn’t honor American workers anymore than Memorial Day honors our servicemen and women killed in wars abroad. Both holidays are bookends to summer in America.

    Workers should be honored with living wages, decent benefits and democracy in the workplace.

    Our troops should be honored by never sending them to an untimely death on behalf of Wall Street bankers and corporate profits, and by taking care of them when they come home.

  12. “Why would you want to go somewhere that you are not wanted? ”

    Because they have a crucifixion fetish. The difference is that Jesus was put on the cross for daring to question authority and self-centeredness, while these dingbats are the ones that are all about authority and self-centeredness.

    Let ’em have it, Wausau.

  13. Horse and Sparrow economics (the birds feed from the horse’s droppings) is an OLD idea, renamed trickle down economics.

    It didn’t work then (1890’s) & it’s been a 30 year failure now.

    a FAILED EXPERIMENT: trickle down economics and IT is why we’re ar where we’re at now.
    No one could possibly be so stupid as to think our nation could have gone to hell in a matter of two years.
    This is the fallout of thirty years of reaganomics & ten years of war.
    Blame the ones responsible.
    The Greatest Generation would have.

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