The Boy King – Paul Ryan

There have been a group of unemployed people wanting to speak to their congressman Paul Ryan (R-Wall St.). The annointed boy king from Janesville, has better things to do with his time than meet with his constituents. Why would someone who drinks $350 bottles of wine want to waste time meeting with people that do not have jobs? The rabble should not be seen or heard in the 1st congressional kingdom. “Fiscal conservative” that he is, Ryan has no problem using valuable tax payer dollars, and police officers time, to keep the peasants from dirtying his office.

I guess people should not expect to speak with Pink Slip Paulie unless you come bearing gifts. Rumor has it he is fond of Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh. Also checking to see if that truly is the North Star that is perpetually over the congressmans head!

These three might be lucky enough to be granted time with the Congressman:


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6 thoughts on “The Boy King – Paul Ryan

  1. As of an hour ago Mr. Ryan had not seen fit to talk to consituents at his office in Racine. I’m going down to check again before picking my son up from daycare.

  2. OK, let me make this as clear as I can: If someone offers to arrest you for trying to perform CONSTITUTIONALLY PROTECTED actions as a citizen of this country, ACCEPT THE INVITATION!!

    Accept the invitation gladly! Accept it with a smile on your face! Because the government has just decided to make you very very very rich! The idiot enforcing the illegal orders will likely contribute to your wealth. The owner of the building who thinks he/she has a right to deny someone access to their representative will absolutely contribute to your wealth.

    It’s a no-brainer. Spend an afternoon in jail… Get paid unbelievable sums. Understand?

  3. I stopped at the white house today and asked to speak to President Obama about his terrible handling of the economy and they wouldn’t let me in. I called 250 times asking for an appointment and they wouldn’t gimme one. I became upset and argued with the security guard, he threatened to have me arrested. Who’s kidding who here? get a life.

  4. While i appreciate the fact that the right wing echo chamber came up with this silliness to try and defend the boy king. However I am betting that you were not at the White House today, you did NOT call 250 times and you did not argue with a security guard. I would also bet that you understand the difference between congressperson and the President of the United States.

  5. Isn’t the White House paid for by the taxpayers and the President elected by the taxpayers and his salary paid by the taxpayers? Just like Paul Ryan and his Kenosha office?
    You got me, I called 251 times, argued with sercret service as well as the security guard and also went to the Lincoln Memorial, you are just too smart for me.
    The true silliness would be these protestors who want to do nothing but disrupt business, then claim that they are being mistreated.

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