A good question about Wisconsin’s economy

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How is taking hundreds of dollars out of my paycheck going to stimulate the economy? As far as I can tell, it’s stimulating big insurance companies and big banking. Today at work, people talked about what they are having to give up which will NOT stimulate the economy. Not going out to dinner, not buying certain groceries, not getting the occasional mani/pedi. Who is this helping?


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3 thoughts on “A good question about Wisconsin’s economy

  1. When this subject comes up, I’m careful to express appreciation to all the businesses who are my ‘partners’ in this endeavor.
    Thanks, local grocery stores, restaurants, florists, chain stores, and unfortunately some charities. By receiving less of my money, you are my partner as I help Scott Walker balance his budget.
    And all of us, me and my partners, should consider ourselves lucky that we at least have some money to give up, unlike the other main group helping Scott: poor people.

  2. Aren’t you libs the ones wanting to increase taxes? Where do you think the money will come from if Obama gets his way with another stimulus?
    Oh thats right tax the rich…if so, lets start with Jeff Immelt who makes $20 million a year and his company GE, which pays no taxes…did I mention he’s Obama’s jobs czar and is moving production to China?
    Tax him and his company each at a 35% rate and I will vote for Obama in ’12.
    Neither will ever happen.

    1. You’re absolutely right that we’re not likely to see Jeffrey Immelt or GE pay more in taxes, because Republicans in Washington, D.C. won’t allow it.

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