VIDEO: The REAL Kim Simac

Watch as the REAL Kim Simac gets exposed.

Personally, I’m more than a little bit galled that Kim Simac, a tea party leader who espouses all things Constitutional, thinks that teachers should forfeit their First Amendment rights to free speech when it comes to discussing the fact that Gov. Scott Walker and Republicans took away their collective bargaining rights.

Apparently when Kim Simac read the U.S. Constitution she interpreted the First Amendment as only applying to anyone who shares her very narrow, extremist worldview – everyone else is [expletive] out of luck.


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39 thoughts on “VIDEO: The REAL Kim Simac

  1. Well, I kept my mind open until I read this: “collective bargaining rights”.

    There is no such thing. You are a liar. Collective bargaining was a gift GIVEN BY THE STATE WHICH UNIONS ABUSED HORRIFICALLY, it is not a “RIGHT”.

    Sure hope Kim Simac wins.

    1. Warrior,

      You’re wrong.

      American workers were organizing into unions long before the federal government or subsequent state governments recognized their rights.

      Wisconsin’s public workers still retain these fundamental workers rights. It’s just a question of how strenuously they decide to exercise them.

    2. Since you want to call me a liar, I’ll call you one. You say you kept your mind open, but a quick look at your blog tells me you’re not open-minded; you’ve got your mind made up.

      Nice try though!

  2. Who is the enemy among us that is more dangerous than Al Quaida, candidate Simac? Who is the cunning, shrewd enemy? Public workers? Shoolteachers? Secret socialists? Nazis? Cunning, secret, schoolteaching, shrewd, public working Nazi socialists?

    I want to hear Kim Simac state clearly and publicly who she thinks the enemy among us is, the one more dangerous than Al Quaida.

    And who is the woman interviewing Simac who says that people who don’t like this country should leave, the woman that Simac agrees with?

    Simac says in the video clip that ” socialist Wisconsin” is just awful. If Simac doesn’t like Wisconsin then why doesn’t she just leave? I mean, if you don’t like someplace then you’re supposed to leave, right?

    Who are these goddamned kooks? Or should I say Kochs?

      1. What the hell is that supposed to mean? How is that an answer to anything I brought up?

        You seem to like Kim Simac, Warrior, so tell us; who is the cunning, shrewd enemy among us that is more dangerous than al- Qaida?

        Here’s your answer:

        Kim Simac seems to be suffering from a paranoid delusion. She may have a psychotic disorder and be in need of psychiatric evaluation.

        Or, she’s deliberately trying to create fear, suspicion and paranoia for political gain, which makes her a vile human being who good people should denounce in the strongest possible terms.

        I was raised a Methodist in my youth and taught Sunday school when I was only fifteen years old. I learned, and taught, that Jesus Christ is the Prince of Peace and that Satan is the Prince of Lies.

        What did you learn in Sunday school beyond a thin interpretation of the 3rd commandment?

  3. I’m not religious, and certainly not a christian, but if Jesus is real and does plan on returning, I hope he bitch-slaps each and every teabagger in this country.

  4. I’m still waiting to hear from Kim Simac on who the real enemy within is. I believe her sister has commented on this blog so maybe she could chime in.

    Let me repeat myself. If Kim Simac has information that America’s real enemy is not al-Qaida, but rather a cunning and shrewd enemy within, she should tell us who they are.

    I’m sure a lot of us would like to call the police.

  5. Since you want to call me a liar, I’ll call you one. You say you kept your mind open, but a quick look at your blog tells me you’re not open-minded; you’ve got your mind made up.

    Nice try though!

    Yes, Zach, my mind IS made up – now. When I first visited it wasn’t though. That’s quite a spin though so I’ll give you an “E” for effort. And an “A” plus a thank you for refraining from childish name calling and unnecessary cursing.

    And Steve, I wasn’t going visiting this site again; however, Zach was at least civil so I decided to respond to him to un-ravel the spin. Your words, on the other hand, are so disgusting they say all anyone needs to know about your motivation. You shame the state of Wisconsin. What I learned in church and Sunday School was to “Love one Another”, especially “thine enemies”, and to never hate. I try to put this into practice as much as any human can.

    1. “When I first visited it wasn’t though. “

      Yeah, I can totally see how your mind wasn’t made up when you first visited.

      Heck, with blog entry titles like these, I can see how your mind wasn’t made up before you got here.

      “Jessica King: Rhetoric of a Demagogue”
      “NO to Nesbaum”
      “Thugocracy Travesty: Wisconsin Unions Disrespect the Disabled”

      Just admit that you’re a liar.

    2. Who is the real enemy among us, Warrior?

      We’re all waiting to hear from your Godly candidate, Kim Simac, who would turn Americans and Wisconsinites against each other with her vicious and ugly Glenn Beck inspired hysteria.

      Isn’t there anybody in your camp with the guts to come on this blog with your real name and tell us exactly who the real enemy among us is?

      1. “Isn’t there anybody in your camp with the guts to come on this blog with your real name and tell us exactly who the real enemy among us is?”

        Nope….they’d rather hide behind pseudonyms while they hurl insults.

    3. Oh, and the fact that you’re Jennifer Reisinger just proves you had your mind made up before you even surfed on over to visit us.

    4. You didn’t learn shit in church. Mouthing the phrases doth not a christian make. Actions speak louder than words. You really want to emulate your deity, then sell all you have to go out amongst the poor, sick, and unfortunate and give them aid and comfort. Quit yapping bullshit on this blog and go do something worthy of your Master.

  6. PS. Zach, yes, my mind is made up. It’s called being “decisive”. Everyone has to make their mind up at some point, otherwise a person just has a mind of mush. But I am always open to hearing the “other side”. What I am not open to is being cursed at. Plus, I despise lies.

  7. There is no such thing as an open-minded right-winger. Having an open mind means willing to change it in the face of fact. Right-wingers don’t give a crap about facts. It’s their BELIEFS they cling to, like shipwreck victims cling to flotsam.

  8. Since I can’t seem to get anyone from the Simac camp to clarify her remarks about who the enemy among us is, I think the press should demand an answer.

    Think about it. If Kim Simac is right this is a huge news story. Somebody should get on this right away. This story could launch a young investgative reporters career onto the national stage, not to mention hero status for Kim Simac.

    She’s our latter day Paul Revere, riding through the northwoods just a ringin’ them bells and a firin’ them warning shots, and just a hollerin’ at the top of her lungs, ( or maybe speaking in whispered tones to a select, Kool-Aid swilling crowd):

    ” The unnamed cunning and shrewd enemy is coming, the unnamed cunning and shrewd enemy is coming!”

    I simply cannot emphasize this enough: the voters of Wisconsin have a right to know who Kim Simac thinks is the real enemy among us.

    If she won’t answer then the state GOP should. Does Stephan Thompson share Simac’s views? She’s your candidate, isn’t she?

  9. You’re wasting your time trying to debate “Wisconsin Warrior.” She’s a self-righteous, embittered old battle-axe who filed frivolous DMCA Takedown notices on my host server until they suspended my account because I dare to criticize her hate-mongering screeds. When she sees me talking about her on other blogs like this one, she runs to the cops trying to have them charge me with “cyber-stalking.” This is a woman who condemned “evil, immoral liberals”on a daily basis while she had an affair with a married cop. Typical self-righteous, right-wing hypocrite.

      1. Zach, how ever did you guess? Oh, wait . . . you must be “CYBERSTALKING” her. Somebody call 911!

        And for God’s sake, don’t QUOTE her because you’ll get a DMCA Takedown Notice. And don’t post screenshots of her comments because you’ll get another one. (Nevermind that she has screenshots from my forum plastered all over one of her smear sites).

        First Amendment loving patriot right there, let me tell ya . . .

  10. By the way, “Wisconsin Warrior” isn’t Jessica, if that’s what you’re thinking. “Warrior” is the Sheboygan version. (She’s cyber-buddies with Pdig, too. Shocking, isn’t it?)

      1. Right.

        Here’s the screenshot she filed her third DMCA over (which got me suspended) :

        (I’m 99.9% certain she posts as “Smoker”).

        She can’t stand having her hate-mongering, bigotry and hypocrisy exposed. It sends her into a rage. “Fair Use” be damned.

  11. This has turned into an attack on one poster here. If we have an enemy within, IMO, it is the Marxist ideology being taught in the public schools and the huge effort to remove God in every way from public buildings.

    You can read a Koran in school, but not a Bible. So, this is the type of thing that is our enemy.

  12. Can you give examples of the Marxist ideology being taught in schools? What are you talking about?

    The Russian Marxist/Communists, I believe, outlawed religion. You are free to practice your religion. You have churches and radio stations all over the damned country. What, exactly, is your beef?

    Which schools allow a reading of the Koran but not the Bible? Is this maybe something someone said at one of your meetings and you all believed it without question?

    William Buckley was a conservative. You don’t sound much like him. Are you sure you’re a conservative?

  13. Just when I thought the “God has been removed from the public square” mantra finally died a deserving death. (“Conservative” sounds just like Jeni’s mother).

  14. Sheboygan Talk sounds just like Mary Struck.
    The Liar. The Stalker, The one without a life. The one who wants to destroy other people. The Judge and the Jury.

    Another thing, she always believes she knows who anonymous posters are. LOL

    1. How about just answering the questions that Steve Carlson posed to you, huh?

      Jan is right about you. You’d be an embarrassment to an actual conservative like William F. Buckley, Jr.

      Typical wingnut. All insult, no point.

  15. Almost forgot.

    LOL (the wingnut’s coda to every indecipherable “witty insight”).

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