“Christian” Hate from the Westboro Baptist Church

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing and screaming at representatives from this screwed up religion when they were protesting at events in the past. Their hateful religion deserves to be condemned by everyone.

This video does a great job of showing the “church” in action with its very own family values.

Want to learn more?  Go visit their repugnant website.


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3 thoughts on ““Christian” Hate from the Westboro Baptist Church

  1. Brings new meaning to “turns my stomach.”

    What sucks is fighting for these a**holes’ right to say such things.

    1. While I find what the folks from Westboro have to say to be reprehensible, the fact that they’re free to say it is what makes our country great.

      But I agree with you Mike; the fact that our brave soldiers have fought and died to protect the right of the folks from Westboro to spew their hate really sucks.

    2. I support freedom even though they are disgusting people. Restricting freedom for a few can be used as an excuse to attack freedom further. The best thing we can do is speak out against such hateful people civilly.

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