Actions Speak Louder Than Words

With the announcement today by Ted Kanavas that he will not be running for the US senate seat being vacated by Herb Kohl, it brings to mind a question and an observation.

Question: Who?

Observation: With such a weak Republican field (fitzgerald the lesser, professional jobber Mark Neumann and maybe long time retired Bret Farve Tommy Thompson), it shows that Representative Tammy Baldwin is polling higher than most people think. The republicans will say many things, and come up with many excuses, but privately they know this is not a good time to be a republican in the state of WI. The republicans in this state have heavy ambitions and if there was a good chance they could win they would be climbing over themselves to jump in this race. No one is. Actions speak louder than words!


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5 thoughts on “Actions Speak Louder Than Words

  1. FAVRE…FAVRE…dammit…after all these years haven’t you seen his jersey enough times to know it’s FAVRE?

  2. I wouldn’t categorize Mark Neumann as a weak candidate, simply because he’s got a lot of statewide name recognition thanks to his 2010 run for governor. We also can’t forget that he can self-fund to a certain extent, which makes him dangerous as well.

  3. I wouldn’t mark any Republican out because they can get the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to back them up up.

    Money talks.

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