Donald Driver’s open letter to Green Bay Packers fans

Upon breaking the team record for most yards by a receiver, Green Bay Packers wide receiver Donald Driver penned a tremendously classy open letter to fans of the team.

September 18, 2011


To my family, the Packers organization, current and former teammates, friends and all of Packers Nation,


THANK YOU for the opportunity to play for the greatest franchise, and best fans, in all of sports. The Green Bay Packers team goals are absolutely the most important focus for all of us moving forward. With the incredible blessing of the birth of my third child (Charity) last week and becoming the All Time Packers Leading Receiver in Yardage today by surpassing Pro Football Hall of Fame’s James Lofton, I also wanted to briefly reflect for a day on the wonderful experiences that I have shared with all of you.


I still remember the Packers drafting me as the 213th overall player in the last round of the 1999 NFL Draft. The Packers had the 212th and 213th picks back to back that year, and they would not even take me 212th! I clearly did not know Wisconsin very well back then, because I got off the plane that April in just shorts and a short sleeve shirt – and yes, I froze!


Thankfully, I have learned a lot since then about a number of topics:

1) How to be a loving father and husband

2) To appreciate every single day what it is like to play for a Packers organization that is committed to excellence

3) That Packers fans will always support you, no matter how cold it gets!

4) That on field accomplishments matter, but that charity and giving back to the community is the most important accomplishment of all

5) That I will never be done learning, interacting and enjoying the special relationship with Packers staff, teammates, fans and community supporters throughout the world


In closing, I want to encourage all of you to hug your loved ones this week and please continue to support the Packers and your community! THANK YOU!





Donald Driver

There’s absolutely no denying that Donal Driver is a class act, and I can’t wait to see him inducted in the Hall of Fame.


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