Fart Jokes Next from Repubs

Prediction, and not so tongue in cheek:

As Steve Benen notes, the Republicans in Washington are so unserious about our nation’s problems that even Bart Simpson is more serious.  I think that’s clear, given John Boehner’s whining about the timing of President Obama’s jobs speech to CongressEric Cantor’s threats to hold Hurricane aid for Irene hostage, and Sarah Palin’s pouting about that witch.  I expect they already tell fart jokes in the GOP caucus, and it would surprise nobody if fart jokes comprise most of a GOP jobs plan in response to Obama’s speech, now scheduled to be viewed by nobody as it is up against the Packers season opener next week.  (I’ll be watching the Phillies that night against the Brewers, so I won’t see the speech live, either.)

Fart jokes.  That’s what I’m expecting.  Fart jokes.


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2 thoughts on “Fart Jokes Next from Repubs

  1. It’s a little hard for me to say this, but I actually agree with the Republicans on this one. The September debate has been scheduled for months, and all of a sudden Obama decides to host the speech on the same night? It certainly doesn’t seem like Obama is going to offer anything new at his speech anyway – what is stopping him from delaying it for another day? Boehner’s excuse about the time needed to find security is a little far fetched. I’ll give you that much.

    1. Either way, Obama gladly gave his lunch money to the bullies again, hoping that means they’re friends now and won’t come for the lunch money anymore.

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