Dick Cheney

I do not have any interest on writing much about Dick but he did write a book and is now going to profit on his crimes. I personally think that Dick is one of the most vile human beings in our country and maybe my biggest disappointment in President Obama’s record is the fact that he has protected Dick. Because i have no interest at this time in rehashing the horrendous Bush Administration record, i will just share a column from one of my favorite writers William Rivers Pitt: ( I recommend the whole column but here is a highlight)

There is so much to remember about Dick Cheney’s time in office. There was the Office of Special Plans, which he created to formulate the most effective lies possible about Iraq, WMD, and connections to September 11. There was the torture in Abu Ghraib and elsewhere, which he referred to as “the dark side” and which he championed with great vigor. There was his dismissal of lawfully-issued congressional subpoenas, and his dedication to the idea of a “Unitary Executive” which is beholden to nothing and no one. There was his broad plan to spy on millions of Americans without a warrant, which he wanted to continue even after the whole thing was declared to be illegal. There was (and remains) the program of indefinite detention without due process of law, which was his baby, and there was the coddling of known criminal and double-agent Ahmed Chalabi, who was his pal.

There was all this, and so much more besides, but one incident stands out in my mind above all else. It was only an accent in the symphony of wrongdoing Cheney directed from his office, and was barely noticed at the time, but I will never forget it.

It was a simple thing, really: the National Archives, by dint of two different federal laws, annually collects the official papers of the Executive Branch for the edification of future historians, researchers and government officials. It is a by-rote requirement, one small cog in the wheelworks of government, but not this time.

Dick Cheney said no. No, you cannot have any papers from the office of the Vice President, and for one reason: the office of the Vice President, because I say so, is not part of the Executive Branch.

By the way, Lawrence Wilkerson wants Dick tried for his crimes, Colin Powell and Condi Rice can not stand him either.


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4 thoughts on “Dick Cheney

  1. Remember that Ford pardoned Nixon to help bring the country back together and offer some peace. Don’t you think Obama tried to do the same thing regarding this issue? We don’t need more headaches right now. We need to concentrate on the economic mess that administration got us into. Trickle down economics…. Pluuuuhease….

  2. I understand that reasoning Denise, but I think its a huge mistake. I also thought it was a mistake pardoning Nixon. Nixon was a traitor to this country and should have been treated as such. A good prosecution of someone like cheney or nixon would have a serious deterrent effect on future crimes.

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