Boater safety? Eric Hovde don’t need no stinkin’ boater safety!

Why does this not surprise me (emphasis added)?

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Eric Hovde was cited by a Dane County sheriff’s deputy for allowing his daughter and a dog to be pulled behind his boat, without taking necessary safety precautions.

According to the citation, Hovde was pulling his daughter and a dog in a tube behind his boat June 24, without having a safety observer aboard the boat.

Authorities said Hovde told deputies he knew an observer was needed.

To be sure, Eric Hovde being cited for a boating safety violation isn’t a huge, epic, or monumental thing, but I can’t help but think of the kind of tragedy that could have occurred as a result of Hovde willfully ignoring boating safety regulations. I’ve done a fair bit of skiing/kneeboarding/tubing behind a boat in my day, and I know that having an observer in the boat is important for the safety of the person being pulled.

Is Eric Hovde’s willful disregard for the rules (in this case, boater safety regulations) indicative of the kind of poor decision-making he’d bring to the United States Senate?


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2 thoughts on “Boater safety? Eric Hovde don’t need no stinkin’ boater safety!

  1. Why can’t politians follow rules and laws like the rest of us have to??? explain please?

    1. Cheryl, it seems like many politicians think that, because they are politicians, they don’t have to follow the rules and laws that they advocate for or enact into law. There was a state legislator from Illinois, Suzi Schmidt, a Republican, that, a few weeks ago, got arrested for stalking her neighbors. Spencer Bachus, a Republican U.S. Representative from Alabama, held secret meetings with the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, and Bachus traded stocks off of the inside information that the Federal Reserve Chairman gave him. As it turns out, federal laws making insider trading a crime didn’t apply to Members of Congress until 60 Minutes ran a report exposing Bachus’s insider trading and, after all of the public outrage aimed at Bachus and other Members of Congress, Congress passed a bill making insider trading illegal for Members of Congress, which President Obama signed into law.

      I believe that politicians should follow the law, and that politicians have a moral duty to write laws that apply to them just like they apply to everyone else.

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