Racine County District Attorney Finds NO VOTER FRAUD in Recall

Despite the shouting and accusations from the Republican legislators about alleged voter fraud in Racine during the June 5th Senatorial recall…where Senator-elect John Lehman defeated Senator Van Wanggaard…there was NO VOTER FRAUD!

From the august Racine Journal Times:

County investigators have found no evidence of criminal activity after looking into claims of alleged voter fraud at Racine polling places during the June 5 recall election.

The Racine County Sheriff’s and District Attorney’s office made the announcement via a press release on Friday, stating that they will not be filing charges related to the allegations.

The announcement comes after a nearly month-long investigation the two offices the made into four separate complaints of alleged voter fraud.

The complaints included allegations of a poll worker soliciting voters, the discovery of suspicious voter registration documents in garbage bin, the mishandling of absentee ballots, and violations involving same-day voter registration procedures.

In the release officials state that “a thorough inquiry” was made into the “somewhat limited information” provided to the offices in the complaints, and the “information did not rise to the level required for a criminal prosecution.”

So we can expect apologies from Sen. Van Wanggaard, RNC Chair Reince Priebus, State Reps. Robin Vos and Jeff Fitgerald first thing Monday?

BTW: in a response to a letter from two of the fabled Republicans listed above, the WI GAB issued a letter blasting the irresponsible allegations coming from the Republicans…see more about that here!


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7 thoughts on “Racine County District Attorney Finds NO VOTER FRAUD in Recall

  1. Let’s not forget Fred Dooley, James Wigderson, and the Badger Blogger lackeys who bellowed without cause.

  2. Please, please people learn the difference. Voter fraud is the bogus stuff that the Republicans say makes stricter voter ID laws necessary. What this article is talking about is ELECTION FRAUD, a very different thing wherein elections are stolen by back room manipulation of the vote count.

  3. Sancheq, although you are correct, the media articles have all used the term voter fraud…and believe me the Republicans don’t know the difference.

  4. You mean the same democrats who turned out 119% of the registered ‘voters’.
    So when your democrat friends – who think THEIR cause is right, no matter what they have to do, decide to cheat AGAIN this fall, we will assume you are for ANYTHING it takes, legal or ILLEGAL.


    THIS PAST WEEK, during the Wisconsin recall election against Governor Scott Walker, there was the worst case of VOTER FRAUD seen in quite a while. In spite of voter fraud by his opponents, Gov. Walker was overwhelmingly victorious! Madison is the capital city of Wisconsin. Dane is the County. Voter statistics, verified by a Madison City Clerk, from Dane County, reported that of all registered voters—

    119% ACTUALLY CAST BALLOTS!! 119%!!

    Was it thanks to the unions who bussed thousands of out of work people from across the country to register and vote.


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