Fiscal Conservatives – Security Edition

Representative Steve Nass (R – Big Government) has taken to bashing the police and the city of Madison once again.

The “fiscal conservative” Walker administration and Republican Party of Wisconsin, while making sure to tell us we are broke, have run up more than $8 Million dollars in security costs during the protests for the budget and the budget repair bill(For those scoring at home, that is $8,100,000 WISCONSIN TAXPAYER dollars).

In a letter to the state legislature’s Joint Finance Committee, the head of the Department of Administration asks for nearly $8.1 million to pay dozens of law enforcement agencies, four state agencies and three University of Wisconsin campuses for their help in providing security during the large-scale protests last winter and spring.

That’s slightly higher than the $7.8 million estimated cost in May.

Huebsch says his agency has completed audits of 173 claims submitted by law enforcement agencies and has requested additional information for another 23 claims. The Madison Police Department alone billed the state for nearly $683,000 in security costs.

Now Nass has decided that only some agencies should be reimbursed.

Rep. Steve Nass of Whitewater said the Madison Police Department and the Dane County Sheriff’s Office did not do enough at the height of the collective bargaining protests earlier this year to earn repayment.

Nass suggests city and county leaders encouraged the influx of protesters to the Capitol, creating what he called a dangerous situation.

Nass said he plans to ask the Legislature’s Joint Finance Committee to reconsider the reimbursement of security costs.

The city of Madison is asking for nearly $700,000 in security costs from the state.

Nass said the extra security from Madison police and Dane County sheriff’s deputies did little to provide safety for those working in the Capitol.

“So, as far as I’m concerned, they did not earn that money,” Nass said. “But of course Madison seeing an opportunity to get money for something they don’t deserve, they’ll grab it. In fact, I think the people that arranged the protests ought to be the ones billed, and that would be the unions.”

While it not surprising for someone on the right to mock the police officers , it is also not surprising for right wing \" fiscal conservatives to think not paying bills is sound fiscal policy. Despite the fact that there have been numerous documented cases of republicans behaving badly and skirting arrest, the police officers have acted professionally and courageously throughout the whole Scott Walker “dropping the bomb” incident. While I think Nass should resign for his incredible remarks, the heroes on the street just would like an apology. There is no doubt who the better people are here!

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