Klassy(with a capital K)

The GOP in Pima County Arizona are holding a fund raiser for a new 40 caliber Glock.

“Tickets will go quickly for this firearm!” the blurb in the newsletter warns.

If Pima County sounds familiar it is because it is the district that is represented by Gabrielle Giffords. GOP chairman Mike Shaw is here trying(and failing miserably) to explain away this ridiculousness.

Pure Klass….

In a related story, the University of Wisconsin has has established a \"no guns allowed\" policy at Camp Randall and the Kohl Center. At least you can pack all the heat you want while tailgating!

“There are a lot of people in a big venue like the Kohl Center, the stadium, students being inside, different buildings for classes to be able to feel safe in that environment,” said Sgt. Aaron Chapin, of the UW-Madison Police Department.

Concealed carry will be allowed outside the gates, according to Chapin, which means fans tailgating could be packing heat.

I thought the only way to feel safe was to carry a gun? SO I am not sure why anyone would attend a game now that you are unable to protect yourself during the game.


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