Real Life Consequences

Robert Greenwald, who always does great work, has taken on the Koch brothers and their polluting of a small town.

A bit long and depressing but worth the watch! .The exposure to this junk has real life consequences. Heaven forbid we make the multi billionaire Kochs pay a few more dollars to clean up their factories so everyone can live. Instead a few Americans can suffer and die as long as we are “open for business”. Speaking of which, Rick Perry came out with his \"jobs plan\" today and the righties love it!

The plan, basically amounts to drill baby drill (yea thats a proven winner) and secondly to deregulate the world! The more Bobbi “Sue” Gibbs the Kochs can rid us of, the more jobs that are left for everything else!

The US is Open for Business…. God Bless Rick Perry!


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7 thoughts on “Real Life Consequences

  1. Brilliant! Not only do the dumb asses not move, they go right to ground zero and suck in the poisons.
    The fact is, the largest polluter in the country is the USG. But hey, vote early and vote often to keep the polluters in office. Sheesh.

    1. There really is something wrong with you, Orlin.

      The Koch brothers pollute, and you blame the victims who have suffered the consequences of the pollution.

      The subject article focuses on a specific instance of the Koch brothers polluting, and you talk about other polluters.

      Is your head SO far up your ass that you don’t realize that, as the most prominent recent spokesmodel at Blogging Blue for the rightwing mindset, you are alienating anyone who reads the offensive, mindless tripe you write, independents, in particular?

      If you’re being paid to write what it is that you write, let me just take a second to thank whomever it is that is paying you.

      1. Yes orlin if a company moves in and starts to pollute its the responsibility of the people around there who have lived there thier whole lives to get the hell out of there. Brilliant theory!

        I would not be the least bit surprised if orlin was being compensated for his efforts….

    1. After his self-inflicted lobotomy, I don’t think that they let Orlin use sharp tools anymore.

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