Walker and Kleefisch Break Another Promise

Both Governor Scott Walker and Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch made the same pledge to pay for their own pensions and, of course, they didn’t pay as promised.

According to the Wisconsin State Journal, neither Walker nor Kleefisch bothered to pay their pension premiums, the same premiums that they insisted that public union workers must pay to save the state from fiscal armageddon.  Apparently it’s ok to ram this kind of crap down the throats of working men and women, but it’s a case of “do as I say, not as I do” for our Governor and Lt. Governor.

Gov. Scott Walker, who forced public workers to pay more for their pensions as part of a push to curb union rights, broke his campaign promise to pay the full cost of his state pension immediately after taking office in January.

The Associated Press requested copies of the governor’s pay stubs to see if he had fulfilled the campaign promise he made in June 2010. Walker said then he would begin paying the cost immediately in order to lead by example since he was proposing all state employees do the same.

Walker and Kleefisch were literally stealing from taxpayers. Democrats and union leaders are appalled and rightly so.


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31 thoughts on “Walker and Kleefisch Break Another Promise

  1. Maybe you could do a side by side comparison of broken campaign promises between Obama and Walker.

    1. Orlin, here’s a thing about liberals that I’m not sure you’re aware of. We don’t all worship the same person. I’m disappointed with Obama, but I can’t say I’m surprised since I know his history. He’s a moderate.

      Furthermore, Obama has been actually fairly consistent with his promises – they just often ran into road blocks such as blue dog democrats or the republican firewall. ( I don’t completely agree with Obama either, before you get on my case. I just find the Republicans so batshit insane I no longer can support them unless they clean up their act. )

    2. All the man had to do was dock his own pay, for chrissakes. He’s an inveterate liar.

        1. So in other words, you don’t want to answer the question, leaving me to wonder why you’re having such a hard time staying on topic and answering simple questions.

          1. HUH!?*!? It was you who didn’t answer my request to compare the broken campaign promises of Obama and Walker.

            1. I asked a question directly related to the content of the original entry.

              You asked a question directly related to…..well, nothing.

              So Orlin, do you approve or disapprove of Gov. Walker breaking a campaign promise he made?

  2. Orlin proves that GOPs have projection problems again.

    Is there anything Walker didn’t or wouldn’t lie about at this point. Too bad we RECALL what was said.

    And even more than that, why make up a lie like this? Shows you how desperate these people really are, and how little they think of the average voter. RECALL that, too.

    1. Evidently you can’t RECALL what Obama said. Either you have a short memory or you are wearing partisan colored glasses. Which is it?

  3. I’ll take those responses as an unwillingness to compare the broken promises of Walker to Obama’s.

      1. Why would we compare Obama in this post? It’s a post on Scott Walker and Rebecca Leefisch’s lies.

        The fact that Orly wants to bring up Obama proves that the GOPs have no answer for this clear intended deception. And your attempts to distract from another Walker failure show just how weak you are, and how done you will be.

        1. WOW! I thought only morons, imbeciles, and Sunday school teachers would be surprised by lying politicians. I guess I was wrong.
          But, I was right about no one wanting to compare the campaign lies of Walker and Obama. I mean, not bringing troops home, continuing renditions and not closing Gitmo are no comparison to evil Walker keeping some pocket change.

          1. Orly I will answer. The fact that we still do renditions sickens me, your right we should have voted McCain/Palin that would have ended them dont you think? As a matter of fact,m the fact that we have not ended them and that he has not prosecuted Cheney are my biggest disappointments of the Obama administration(although the recent “free trade” agreements might overtake that).

            That all being said, everyone breaks promises, but there are some that they never intend to keep and i think thats what walker did with this one. He lied about doing the same thing in milwaukee so why wouldnt he lie now? He knows he has no retribution for doing so.

            By the way if you want to compare Obama/Walker lets. President Obama’s signature campaign promise was healthcare reform and after 13 months of debate and proposals we got the Affordable Care Act. Its a bill that bothers both sides and has some problems and does not entirely fix the health care mess but it does what he campaign on.

            Now you look at Walker and his was 250,000 jobs. Then he got in and passed 2.2 billion in tax breaks for the rich and corporations and pushed through things like voter repression and concealed carry. All with little debate and no discussion. Unemployment rate has went up and sometime near the end of October he is finally going to have a “special jobs session” where we can pass such great jobs bills as even more restrictive tort reform and a break on hunting license for first time hunters.

            1. I agree, Obama sickens me , too. I appreciate your attempt at trying not to be a hypocrite and admitting both politicians are lying, promise breakers.

              1. Orly you come in all high and mighty pretending to be against Hypocrisy and yet never ever answer a direct question. When I answered yours directly you switched subject and hightailed it out of the discussion agian…

                1. Two things, Jeff
                  1. I am not pretending to be against hypocrisy
                  2. I didn’t see your question. If you clearly ask it, my campaign promise from my high and mighty position will be to answer it directly. Remember, this is my campaign promise and we see from Obama and Walker, those promises don’t mean much. Shoot.

      2. We’re not talking about broken campaign promises?
        Okay, so we are only talking about Walker, is that what you are saying? Campaign promises are not part of the discussion?

  4. Excuse me, I thought the issue was broken campaign promises. It appears I’m being called a heretic by a hypocrite.

  5. @Orlin Sellers

    “Excuse me, I thought the issue was broken campaign promises.”

    You would “think” that, Orlin, because, denizen of The Wingnut Nation that you seem to be, it is a convenient and easy way for you to deflect away from the subject of Phil’s post .

    If you need a clue as to what “the issue” being addressed by the post is, try referring to its title, “Walker And Kleefish Break Another Promise”. Rule of thumb, big guy, this approach works with any article you might choose to view through your Coke-bottle thick, partisan glasses.

    Your arrogance is clearly misplaced, OS. Maybe you should just return to Wingnut HQ or Koch U or whatever teabagging “think” tank it was that sent you. You’re just not up to the task of putting us in our places. You’re like Notalib with better syntax and grammar.

    [Question: Do your wingnut brethren avoid proper syntax and grammar because they violate Grover Norquist’s “no [proper syn]tax pledge”?]

    1. Evidently I was wrong when I only included imbeciles, morons, and Sunday school teachers as people who don’t think politicians lie and break campaign promises. Next time I’ll have to include those Zuma Bound and mental pygmies.

      Do me a favor though, ZB, see if you can come up with something a little more original and less brainless and trite than “Wingnut Nation” and “teabagger”.

      Oh, and try to learn and differentiate between a ‘deflection’ and a criticism of criticism.

      1. You’re a pip, Orlin. Clueless and arrogant, but a pip, nonetheless.

        “Next time I’ll have to include those Zuma Bound and mental pygmies.”

        Good one. Well it MIGHT have been, had you expressed a coherent thought in stringing those particular words together. Oh well. Swing and a miss. Anyway, I’m going to give you an “A” for exuberantly defensive wingnutitude, just because.

        Now, young man, IF ONLY you’d stop acting like a humorless, whining crybaby, maybe the adults in the room would take you more seriously.

        “[T]eabagging think tank”. . .”Wingnut Nation”. . .

        Pure alliterative and conceptual gold. GOLD, I tell ya. (*wink*) I’m genuinely sorry that you couldn’t see the substance, the humor or the originality in these little nuggets.

        They may have hurt your feelings, but they certainly weren’t “trite”. Such a short word, and yet even its meaning seems to elude you.

        In any event, Orlin, it’s abundantly clear that you also don’t understand the concept of deflection. Don’t worry about it though, sport. That’s a pretty common failing amongst the teabagger set.

        That said, it’s pretty clear that you couldn’t argue your way out of paper bag. You really ought to stop condescending to people who are clearly more intelligent than you are, your wild-eyed and defensive attempts to demonstrate otherwise notwithstanding.

        Anyway, just remember that the subject of any given blog post can be found in its title. Try to stay on topic next time, all right, sport?

          1. (*laughing*)

            “[C]oprolite”? “[C]loaca”?

            Seriously, dude, you’ve got issues.

            Or maybe you’ve just been watching way too much “Big Bang Theory”.

            Look, Big O, while the Big Bang Theory is funny, you need to realize that everybody is laughing AT the nerds, not with them, because being a sexually repressed, emotionally stunted nerd who thinks using words like “coprolite” and ” cloaca” is cool is just as uncool as it ever was.

            “Coprolite”? “Cloaca”?

            Sheldon, is that you?


            1. Yep, you got me laughing too. I’ve never heard of criticism of words before.
              For future reference can you list all the words that you will criticize. Thanks, in advance.

              1. Well, I’ll be damned. Sheldon, it IS you. (*laughing*)

                Look, Orlin, in all seriousness, you’re just a little too pedantic [not to mention, too odd] to survive here, or in any debate forum, for that matter.

                You should probably spend your time on other pursuits, like updating your diary.

                “Dear diary,

                Zuma Bound insulted me AGAIN today.

                Why can’t he see the world
                As I do,
                Through my oh-so-wise,
                College freshman eyes?

                He is SO mean and SO stupid. Stupid-head Zuma Bound!

                He cannot even
                Differentiate between
                A Deflection
                And a Criticism
                Of a Criticism

                It is so clear to me.
                Why can’t he
                Or anyone else
                See that my thoughts
                Are intellectual poetry?

                Nerd words which
                I thought would impress
                Reap me
                Only greater scorn
                A thorn
                In the side
                Of my inflated ego

                Roses are red
                Violets are blue
                At the end of the day
                I am still just a foo’

                Basement cold, Mom calling. Time to go, dear diary. More tomorrow.”

  6. “Oh, and try to learn and differentiate between a ‘deflection’ and a criticism of criticism. ”

    Uh, okay, “Professor”.


    Any OTHER wingnutitudes you’d like to share?


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