Jon Huntsman won’t rule out third-party run in 2012

During an interview with Glen Johnson of the Boston Globe, Republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsman wouldn’t uneqivically deny a possible third-party run if he didn’t win the Republican presidential nomination.

Asked, “Is there any situation in which you would run for president as an independent?” Huntsman told The Boston Globe, “I don’t think so.”

Told that anything but a flat denial could perpetuate speculation about the possibility, Huntsman replied: “I’m a lifelong Republican. I’m running as a Republican, and I fully anticipate that that’s where we’re going to be.”

To be honest, Huntsman’s the kind of rational, centrist Republican who could do well among independent voters while also managing to peel off the dwindling number of moderate Republicans who don’t wholeheartedly support the Koch brothers’ Tea Party movement.

Though I doubt he’ll actually buck the Republican Party to run as an independent or third-party candidate in 2012, Huntsman would certainly be an interesting candidate, and besides, I’d love to see more videos like this from his campaign:


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