Republican Thugs – Henchmen Edition

While much of the violence on the right throughout this year has been advocated from the very top with Governor Scott Walker considering adding \"agent provocateurs\" to the peaceful crowd, to Scott Fitzgerald yelling at one of Mark Miller\'s female staffers so violently she felt the need to call the police for protection, to Justice David Prosser choking a fellow justice who dared disagree with him. With “leadership(term used loosely)” like this on the right is it any wonder that such mean, vile and despicable acts have “trickled down” to their more ignorant supporters?

No media seems to be addressing them, so here is another installment in our Republican Thugs series. The Henchmen edition!

Henchmen (occasionally henchlings) are common in mystery, fantasy, adventure comic books, and adventure novels and movies. They are the expendable adherents of the main villain, always ready to do the master’s bidding, to kill or be killed, kidnap, or threaten, as needed. Often, they are killed by the hero before the master villain is reached, by the hero’s sidekick in a dramatic battle, or even by the master villain as punishment for failure to comply with orders. They also may switch sides during the course of the story to ally with the hero. Alternatively, they may be forgotten in the heat of the climax when the master villain is defeated, then killed when they reappear in the denouement for one last scare or even promoted to master villain for a sequel.

Henchmen are often abused and insulted by the villain for their incompetence, or for his pleasure; indeed, some abused henchmen take revenge after the villain’s final defeat at the hero’s hands, so that the henchman rather than the hero actually kills the villain. Henchmen in this sense are also sometimes called lackeys, toadies, or mooks (with the latter term more often used for lesser minions of the villain).

The power players take the credit, they use the minions to do the dirty work. The problem is, the minions in this instance are the true believers and the ultimate kool aid drinkers. The Walkers/Fitzgeralds do not care what happens with these people and when they are done wash their hands of them. The problem is, this is not Batman, once these people serve their purpose for the republican party, they wil be set free with no one to control them. Any crimes and malfeasnace that they do, will be put DIRECTLY on the shoulders of Scott Walker. The Good Folks at Politiscoop have even more details about the individual pawns.

Politiscoop released the story about the group of neanderthals looking to destroy Walker recall petitions by passing themselves off as circulators. Since then, Matt Lepperd, Charles (Brey) Atlas Shrugging, William Jenkins and an “Aaron Burr” have created quite the ruckus on facebook with their page “Operation Burn Notice”.

I just wanted to share some screen grabs of the “brilliance and civility” that these bit players like to use.

More details here and here also. If anything happens I blame Scott Walker and the rest of the players in the fitzwalkerstan cabal. Its time for them to call off the dogs, and lets see if we can have a civili issues oriented discourse . We all know the recall is going to happen and it is up to the leaders of the republican party if they want to run a race on the issues or if the only issue they care about is power.

The end does not always justify the means!


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11 thoughts on “Republican Thugs – Henchmen Edition

  1. This is why Hollywood is full of lefties. They are so good at making things up to entertain us.

  2. Something minor happens, such as the incidents with Prosser and Fitzgerald, and the lefty mind starts embellishing it until it no longer is the truth. The staffer was yelled at so “violently” that she almost felt the need to call a cop. The justice Prosser touched felt like she was being throttled. If Prosser had really choked a lefty justice in Dane County he would have been dealt with in the same manner as a black man who spit on Bull Conner’s boots in 1960.

  3. I see reading comprehension is a problem. The staffer DID call the police she felt so threatened. David Prosser DID choke Justice Bradley. I understand now in WI that is ok as long as your side wins politically but in most civilized places in the country its not!

    Besides your missing the whole point of this post!

  4. Maybe so. But you seem to miss the whole point of winning an election. You serve for four years. Then you run again if you choose.

  5. But aren’t we going to have one year administrations from now on? Why don’t we just have the Governor’s term be one year since that will be all they last anyway. We will save the expense of doing the recalls.

  6. I have been giving this story a great deal of coverage on my website. It has cost me a decent gig at (where I was fired for “Writing While Liberal”) and now my Facebook access has been stripped. But I continue to fight on my own website. Read all about it at Turning Over the Rocks. When we stop fighting back, THEY WIN!

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