Standing Up for Sovereignty

Fascinating… The Lakota people who live on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota are refusing to allow the Keystone XL Pipeline trucks onto their land.

Native Americans take the sovereignty of their lands very seriously and have done a lot to ensure that they are recognized as independent nations within the borders of the United States.  I wonder if this will hit the MSM anytime soon?


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7 thoughts on “Standing Up for Sovereignty

  1. These trucks were hauling massive loads and were cutting across Tribal lands in order to avoid paying South Dakota $100K in heavy vehicle fees. This explains why Tribal police turned them away.

    Plenty of hits in the blogosphere but no MSM coverage. It didn’t happen.

  2. Great News! I am proud that the Oglala Sioux are enforcing the inherent tribal sovereignty over the land. This pipeline is a total farce as far as reducing the US dependence on foreign oil. How much of the oil is slated for EXPORTS vs domestic use? I believe the majority of the oil is for exports. Let the Canadians build the pipeline in Canada since most of the oil is going to China. The rest can be refined by the 3 Affiliated Tribes in North Dakota, which means none of the oil will cross the Missouri River or threaten the Oglala Aquifer..

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