2 thoughts on “Rush’s Comedy Tour

  1. I e-mailed various departments at Clear Channel Communications, and after reminding them that they had no problem censoring free speech back when they removed the Dixie Chicks from their playlists over their derogatory (but absolutely true) statements regarding George W. Bush, I told them that unless and until Rush Limbaugh is taken off the airways, I won’t be listening to any of their programming or paying attention to any of their advertising, anywhere, anytime.

    And I told them that I would advise my friends, family, acquaintances, now and in the future, to do the same.

    Clear Channel Corporation: publicrelations@clearchannel.com

    International Radio: ZoeJones@clearchannel.com

    Clear Channel Outdoor: TonyAlwin@clearchannel.com

    Please do the same. Let’s get this bloated, drug-seeking, hypocritical misogynist off the air.

  2. I did the same except I told them I don’t listen to their station(because I didn’t think they cared about that) but I will keep myself informed about the companies that sponsor their programming and that I will boycott the products and services that advertise on their stations and that I would encourage my family and freinds to do the same.

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