Recall Power Intended to be Broad in Use

Don’t let them fool you, the intent of the recall process was to have it be broad in scope and in use.  The attack on the Recall Process is yet another attempt  by the Tea Party Republicans to dismantle Wisconsin’s Progressive values and heritage.

The conservatives have their knickers in a twist arguing that the recall was “never intended” to be used except for criminal or unethical behavior by politicians. There’s just one problem with that position.  It’s not true.  At all.  And never has been.  Whether they know it or not is irrelevant.  Conservatives like “originalism,” so let’s see how they like this originalism.

From a campaign pamphlet of Senator Robert “Fighting Bob” LaFollette

Senator La Follettte has favored and now favors the recall.

By the recall, a faithless public official may be retired without waiting for the evil to be fully consummated.

Under such a law, the public official will no longer betray his constituency.

Party platforms will mean party performance.

Downward revision of the tariff in the platform will not mean upward revision in accomplishment. The official will no longer rely on the people forgetting before election day rolls around. He will face the immediate dishonor he deserves.

A Roll Call will no longer reveal party perfidy and dishonor.  The Roll Call will ring true.

Sounds like a good plan to me!  That’s probably why the Republicans don’t like it.

(h/t Edward A. Fallone and his Marquette Faculty Blog for the reference)


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