Ad: Rebecca “yogi” Kleefisch on collective bargaining

Keep more of your own money claims Rebecca Kleefisch in this new ad where she inexplicably sits cross legged in a yoga position while explaining the collective bargaining elimination pushed by Walker/Kleefisch/Koch/the Fitzgeralds & ALEC.


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4 thoughts on “Ad: Rebecca “yogi” Kleefisch on collective bargaining

  1. That yoga sit is her version of a Palin homage…..

    That Racine blizzard story is such bullshit. The true story is that the city didn’t notify the union that they were going to call in an outside contractor before calling back some laid off workers who would have come in for the hours “and with their experience”. Instead the city called in an outside company that ended up running plows into fire hydrants and other costly fixtures that ended up costing YOU the tax payer even more money than if the guys on layoff would have come back for that special circumstance.

  2. She also gives Walker a very sloppy, very public blowjob in the Journal-Sentinel. It’s nauseating…

    Walker will continue to make bold promises about how we can help small businesses put more people to work in our state and how we can improve the quality of life for all of our citizens. And just as he has shown since Jan. 3, Walker will keep those promises because he is committed to working together to move Wisconsin forward. And that’s not just a promise from a governor. That’s a promise from a parent who cares as much about his kids’ Wisconsin as you care about yours.

    Now I need a shower… in muriatic acid. It the only thing that’ll clean the slime off effectively.

  3. Nice continuity error where she is pulling out the money out of her wallet in one scene and in the next one she is not holding the cash.

    She is expecting government services run by bake sales.

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