A question for all my conservative readers

When he ran for governor in 2010, Scott Walker promised to create 250,000 jobs in Wisconsin before the end of his first term in office.

In order to create 250,000 jobs in 4 years,over 5,200 job per month would need to be created if Gov. Walker served out a full four year term. That pace that was not met in 2011, thanks to six consecutive months of job losses in Wisconsin from July 2011 to December 2011.

So here’s my question:

Where are the jobs Scott Walker promised he’d create?


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16 thoughts on “A question for all my conservative readers

  1. While the job plan has not worked we have a balance budget we paid back the money that Doyle stole, we have the unions no longer able to rob the tax payer blind. Concealed carry, The Castle Doctrine, there have been success after success. Everyone knows that all promises politicians make are not always meet.

    1. We actually don’t have a balanced budget according to GAAP accounting principles. In fact, we’re $3 billion in the red. So what did we get from Scott Walker again?

      1. Actually, the budget is balanced, but when you exclude the money that Walker and his closest staffers are taking.

        Aka, one is is a convenient little lie for conservatives to cling onto as a talking point, and one is the actual truth. This is why Scott Walker on talk radio and to the public on the air waves says the budget is balanced.

        Where as reporting to the Federal Officials, there is an unbelievable deficit. Not really too hard.

  2. Here’s my conservative two cents… Take it for what it is worth.

    First, I wasn’t really crazy about Walker putting such a high number to his goal. Sure, set your goals high, but it would be quite the feat to achieve this goal.

    I really think once the recall is completed (and I’m hoping there is no challenge to the numbers once they have completed their certification – let’s get this thing over and done with so that we all can move on whatever the outcome may be), we may start to see the numbers improve. I believe that because of the uncertainty created by the recall, businesses may be holding off to see who will really be Governor.

    I think we will still see improvement no matter who wins the recall election – let’s face it the uncertainty of who will lead Wisconsin will be over. I believe, though, that a Walker win in the recall election (and let’s face it a more business friendly environment) may start to draw new jobs to Wisconsin at a higher rate than a Democratic governor would.

    Will Walker actually achieve his 250,000 goal by the end of his first term, I’m not very confident. Will a Walker recall win help toward increasing the job numbers? I would say yes.

    There’s my two cents. Have at it.

  3. By GAAP standards we have every bit as big of a deficit as we did under Gov. Doyle. Walker’s own administration acknowledges we’re running a deficit. This is largely to pay for $2.36 billion in tax giveaways to corporations that have not created jobs and the super-rich. The idea that the best is yet to come is total BS.

  4. I look forward to Mr Walker winning if there is a election. Putting a democrat back into Madison will just tell business that we do not want you here. Things will not improve greatly until Mr Obama is removed in Nov, then America will start to recover and states like Wisconsin with a Republican governor will lead the way.

    1. John, we’ve had 6 consecutive months of private sector job losses in Wisconsin, so clearly businesses aren’t creating jobs under Walker’s “leadership.”

    2. john maybe we can get a full republican government, give major tax breaks to all corporation and the rich, and then they will spend so much money in the US economy that the jobs will start flowing like oil when Jed Clampett hunts for criters! There will be no stopping the job creation in America and the country will thrive….All the money they spend will reign down on the rest of America.

      Thats a guaranteed winner!

  5. “Where are the jobs Scott Walker promised he’d create?”

    The jobs are hiding out with all the jobs Obama promised the nation. When we send Obama packing, the jobs will start to appear in Wisconsin and the USA.

    1. Nationally we have experienced 22 consecutive months of job growth…in Wisconsin we have experienced job loss for each of the 6 months since the Governor’s budget went into effect.

  6. Since the Obama presidency began in January 2009, the number of private-sector jobs has actually decreased by more than 1.4 million, now you are spouting the return of “some” of the jobs as an Obama success story.
    My money is still on Walker, lets check the numbers again at the end of his 4 year term instead of cherry picking one portion like you do with Obama. Seems to me that same tactic forced your terminology to change from “global warming” to “climate change”. Will you ever learn?

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