Badger Blue, Times Two: “Contempt, thy name is Fitzgerald”

I couldn’t agree more….

It boils down to this: Scott Fitzgerald represents the very worst of an American political system bought and paid for by special interests and representing the needs of a tiny, select few. He just needs to go. It’s that simple.

Once you’ve finished reading the rest of Brian’s post, be sure to check out the rest of Badger Blue, Times Two, because it’s a great new addition to the Cheddarsphere!


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1 thought on “Badger Blue, Times Two: “Contempt, thy name is Fitzgerald”

  1. There is a great podcast on this whole issue on Sly In The Morning. You can get it on iTunes or at Sly’s office. This law should have been passed. Thes assembly republicans should be asha,pumped of themselves.

    Question: when will the leaders of the Milwaukee Police Association come out against Scott Walker?

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