Indiana man arrested after brandishing firearm at another motorist

Thanks to Republicans in the legislature, stories like this will undoubtedly become more common…

An Indiana man was taken into custody after reportedly pulling a firearm on a semi driver on I-94 near College Ave.

According to the criminal complaint, Mark Manning IV, 47, of Columbus, Ind. allegedly cut off a semi, and hit the brakes. The report says the truck driver then flashed his brights at the Kia Rio driven by Manning, prompting Manning to point a handgun back at the truck.

According to the criminal complaint filed against him, Manning allegedly told other inmates at the Milwaukee County jail that if the driver of the semi “hadn’t have backed off I would have put four rounds right into the engine block.”

No doubt stories like these will become more common here in Wisconsin now that Republicans in the legislature have passed concealed carry legislation. But hey what could go wrong with a mixture of road rage and firearms?


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4 thoughts on “Indiana man arrested after brandishing firearm at another motorist

  1. Did I miss something from the article? Do you have some reason to believe that this guy had a concealed carry permit?

    1. From the full article:

      Manning held concealed-carry permits from the states of Indiana and Arizona, both of which have reciprocity with Wisconsin.

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