The Private Sector is ALWAYS Better!

Except when it isn’t.

Milwaukee taxpayers are about to get some answers about why City Hall is cracking and crumbling in some spots.The damage happened a year ago after the city spent $75 million on a renovation project.

“Millions of dollars were spent to get it right, and unfortunately, it didn’t turn out like any of us wanted it to,” Milwaukee Common Council President Willie Hine said.

All the fancy large and small forms and shapes are made of terracotta, which is the Latin name for baked clay. The contractor reportedly filled the terracotta with a grout material that isn’t holding up.

Another example of fraud and waste in the private sector.  I hope they sue the pants off that contractor.

“Government isn’t the solution, government is the problem…”  Not so much…  Frankly, the private sector is the problem more often than not.


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4 thoughts on “The Private Sector is ALWAYS Better!

  1. Not exactly sure what you’re getting at here. Is there a “public” contractor to hire that does this kind of work? I have little knowledge of the bidding process for this specific project, but don’t they generally go to the lowest bidder? Now if it turns out that their work was shoddy, then you go after them for the rework, assuming it was in the contract. But I just don’t see where there is a political point to be made here. There certainly are lessons to be learned, and if wrongdoing was involved, you punish accordingly.

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