Another Small Victory for Waukesha County Liberals

A year ago, when I mentioned my plans to turn Waukesha County blue, people laughed at me. Now they’re no longer laughing (at least, not to my face). That’s because lefties have made major inroads in this conservative county over the past year, thanks, in part, to Governor Scott Walker. Now, I’m not delusional, I know we’ve got a long, long way to go, but lasting progress sometimes comes in small increments. From Drinking Liberally Waukesha, which didn’t exist last February, to the flourishing OconDems, to progressive individuals running for political office for the very first time, we’re slowly shifting this county to the left. And now I’ve just gotten word of yet another small victory for Waukesha County liberals.

According to Matt Lowe, for the first time ever, the UW-Waukesha College Democrats and the Waukesha County Democrats will host the College Democrats of Wisconsin’s annual convention. I’m told the CDW State Convention will take place from Saturday, March 31-Sunday, April 1 in Pewaukee, Wisconsin, and that the keynote speaker on Sunday will be Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin. I’ll have more details as the event draws closer.

Congratulations to Matt Lowe , the UW-Waukesha College Democrats, and the Waukesha County Democrats. It’s not all kittens and roses over here, but we’re making decent headway.

Senator Larson and Matt Lowe at a UW-Waukesha rally, November 2011

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