8 thoughts on “Do As I Say Not As I Do

  1. What he said:

    It’s important to remember that so many of the laws that our culture warriors want aren’t for them, they’re for other people. There is a battle to prevent poor women from having abortion, there is a war on some drugs taken by some people, etc. Elites know (mostly correctly) that these laws will never apply to them, that their daughters will have no trouble taking care of that little problem when the time comes.

    They’re just awful horrible people.

  2. Just cracks me up how the left wing extremist in America use a COMEDY show as a news source. Just speaks volumes to the kind of people they have become

  3. As opposed to that comedy channel, Fake News. That speaks volumes to the evilness of Republicans.

    1. Exactly. If the right is going to take Fox News as actual news – and not the farce that it really is – then what’s wrong with citing The Daily Show as news?

      1. News or comedy show, the Florida GOPers had the opportunity to explain themselves and chose to beclown themselves.

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