Illinois is an Economic Wasteland!

Except where it isn’t.

Janesville native Dave McKee expects to see more traffic later this year on his daily commute to Chrysler’s assembly plant in Belvidere, Ill.

That’s because Chrysler plans to add about 1,800 jobs at the plant 40 miles south of Janesville, and some of those jobs could be filled by dislocated Rock County residents.

Aout 9 percent of the plant’s workforce of 2,700 comes from Rock and Walworth counties in southern Wisconsin.

The expected increase in workers to a high-water mark of 4,500 later this year presents another opportunity for local job seekers willing to work for about $15.78 per hour, which is about half the rate paid to longtime auto workers.

“If someone is willing to commute from Wisconsin, they are more than welcome to apply,” said Jodi Tinson, a Chrysler Group spokeswoman.

But don’t worry, Wisconsin, because it’s working.  Right?  Isn’t it?  It’s working, right?

(h/t capper at Cognitive Dissidence)


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  1. Illinois is an economic waste land… after 20 plus years of democratic control… this is what we get…..

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