The Unmooring

He’s lost it.  Shouting and screaming at  the crowd.  It’s sad really, when the pseudo-important become unmoored in public.  In this case,  the pseudo-important is Andrew Breitbart and the unmooring happened in the dark, outside of CPAC.

We’ve seen Breitbart unhinged right here in Wisconsin, but nothing like this.

Behold the mighty fall of a lesser man!

Conservative blogger-star Andrew Breitbart lashed out at Occupy protesters outside of CPAC, the mass annual gathering of conservatives, in Washington, DC on Friday night. Campus Progress reporter Emily Crockett was on the scene and captured video of Breitbart losing it, screaming at the protesters “Behave yourselves!” and “Stop raping people!”

Breitbart is the canary in the conservative coal mine.

Perhaps he was destabilized by this…


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2 thoughts on “The Unmooring

  1. “Racist, Sexist, Anti-Gay, Right-wing Bigots Go Away!”

    What a great taunt for a parasite like breitbart. …

  2. Did you notice how the “sheepherding” handler in black, right next to Breitbart, arm around Breitbart’s bloated belly, kept trying to get him to move away? The handler’s body language, the look on his face, might have well been saying to Breitbart, “Dude, THIS just isn’t cool. You are looking and sounding like a douchebag.”

    I just don’t think that we’ll be seeing this video up on Big Government any time soon.

    Big Douchebag, maybe.

    With all of the off-the-hook, wingnut craziness like this finding expression at CPAC, not to mention with things like Iowa Republican Congressman Steve King hobnobbing with white nationalists hosting CPAC panel discussions, how is it that the “conservative” movement has any credibility whatsoever anymore?

    Two diaries posted at Daily Kos answer the question:

    One can be found at

    The other is the “Abbreviated Pundit Round-up”, compiled and presented, along with his editorial comments, by Mark Sumner wherein he observes:

    “Actual conservatism is dead because was given everything it asked for over a period of decades, and the result was disaster. Yes, there’s a worldwide wave of austerity, which is kind of conservatism’s dried up husk, but expecting the Republicans to produce new and workable conservative policies is like asking trilobites to crawl out the rocks. Conservatism is no longer an economic policy or even a governing philosophy. It’s just a cult.

    You don’t get new ideas from cults. You get rituals.”

    And, apparently, spastic, frothing-at-the-mouth, freak-outs like Breitbart’s.

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