I Remember One Year Ago Today:

One year ago today, my 8 year old son and I went to the Capitol where we experienced one of the most inspirational events of my lifetime. 150,000+ Wisconsinites descended upon the capitol to say “Thank You” to a group of 14 elected officials in a rally that made President Obama jealous. Wisconsinites who were male/female, republican/democrat. all races and beliefs Thanked these elected officials for sacrificing this time away to let us know what EXACTLY Scott Walker had planned for us. While we lost this battle, people have become engaged like never before and we will win the right wing corporate backed war on the middle class.

There has never been a protest like this in the US and hopefully there never will be again! It was history in the making right before our eyes! It took us 40 minutes to walk 1/4 of a block. We were forced to leave a little early though because it was so crowded and my son said” this isn’t fun, all i can see is butts.”

I so look forward to the day we fire Scott Walker!

GREAT recap of those events here!


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