MacIver Awards

The Koch/Bradley funded right wing MacIver "news" service is running a contest for the “end of session” awards. The thing is, they have announced they will delete any responses posted, you have to email them in. That way they are allowed to censor the ones that would paint their party in a less than favorable light.

Here at Blogging Blue, we do not censor and actually welcome all views. That being said, we will use their categories and feel free to leave your choices in the comments as NONE will be deleted.


You can nominate an elected official, agency employee or capitol journalist for any or all of the following categories:

Taxpayer Hero
Taxpayer Villain
Friend of the Free Market
Outstanding Citizen-Legislator
Most Powerful Capitol Player
Least Effective Capitol Player
Jedi Mind Trick Double Speaker
Mr. or Mrs. Sensitivity
Steel Spine
Spine of Jello

If you have other topics/nominees post those also:

The uncensored bi-partisan public forum is now OPEN:


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2 thoughts on “MacIver Awards

  1. “Taxpayer Villain”

    Most def Per Diem Fitzgerald, he of the expensive crony lawyers and fake candidate primaries.

  2. “Most Powerful Capitol Player” is Sen. Dale Schultz, but he also rates “Hero”, “Outstanding”, and “Friend” categories, too, for his refusal to toe the crony line on the mining bill. He would have to share some of it with Bob Jauch, tho.

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