Hubris: Thy name is Glenn!

Holy crap!  Let’s hope this look-alike set is as close to the actual Oval Office that Beck ever gets…  Ever.

President Beck prepares to weep at the Nation

The set, which Beck has nicknamed “The Oval,” will make its debut on his daily program Monday as part of a regular segment of the show in which he’ll be delivering speeches on what he thinks the president should be saying to the American people. According to, we should expect the speeches to be “Reagan-esque in tone.” Of course, Beck’s presidential speeches will probably be a good deal more emotional than any actual televised presidential speech.


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9 thoughts on “Hubris: Thy name is Glenn!

  1. Has anybody told Beck that it doesn’t matter what his set looks like over the radio?


  2. Kinda reminds me of the skit on Saturday night live after Al Gore had misplaced the election and he hosted…and they visited the set of West Wing and they couldn’t get Gore of the set of the Oval Office. LOL!

  3. I don’t have cable, so he’s not on my TV. That is funny though, the thought of Glenn Beck pretending he’s the leader of the Free World in between “Coffee Talk” and “Wayne’s World”…

  4. No ethical psychiatrist does public “remote diagnosis” of an individual.

    And I make no claim of any professional status or expertise whatsoever. (IANAShrink.)

    There’s a general pattern, though, of people who’ve suffered career setbacks and compensated* by “awarding” themselves the trappings of success — “titles” that came from nowhere and nobody outside their own imaginations, with insignia or vestures to match — though probably most such self-aggrandizers are left reliant on very small personal budgets, home-made robes and medallions, desktop-printed business cards (“High Epopt of the New Epoch”), etc.

    How lucky the few who can have their fantasies heavily subsidized by others.
    * (Though such a personality disorder can also appear without any such setback/compensation triggering event.)

  5. How does this retard keep coming back, while the virtuous and incisive Keith Olbermann keeps getting fired? Rhetorical.

    1. Let’s be honest. Olbermann and Beck are cut from the same ego cloth. Both suffer from an inflated sense of self-importance. And neither plays well with others.

      1. Phil: “Olbermann and Beck are cut from the same ego cloth.”

        Surely not. The designs might look similar at a brief glance, but the weaves are not of equal thickness.

        Anyone who makes a living talking into a nationwide camera is bound to feel self-important — that may be as much a prerequisite as an effect — but not everyone goes to the same lengths of self-aggrandizement (an “Oval Office”? really?) or self-enrichment (buy this gold). Weep weep sob, oh how can you think so, Phil?

        1. Sorry, distinguishing the man from the message, they’re both cut from the same cloth.

          Beck: Dislike the Man, Dislike the Message
          Olbermann: Dislike the Man, Like the Message

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