In Literature, Would This Qualify as “Foreshadowing?”

Foreshadowing is a technique used by writers to hint at something coming down the plot highway.  One type of foreshadowing is called telegraphing

Spotted by Sean Keane

It was also interesting to note an easily overlooked article in Greek online newspaper Kathimerini saying that the European Commission is pressuring the European Investment Bank to withdraw a clause that it recently inserted into its new loan contracts that were signed with a number of Greek companies. The new clauses allow for the repayment of debt in Greek Drachma instead of Euro, should the Greeks decide to leave the EU at some point in the future. Clearly the EC is displeased at one of the foremost European lending institutions legally embedding the possibility of something happening which the Commissioners all insist is impossible. Commissioner Olli Rehn reportedly called the clauses “unfortunate and incomprehensible2”. A cynic might note that the EIB has taken an appropriately commercial and realistic approach to the loans, free of the politics that surround the EC.

Someone call Western Union


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