Republican Attorney General Van Hollen hands out hundreds of thousands of dollars in bonuses

While a grand total of ZERO state employees in state agencies other than the Department of Justice have been awarded merit pay raises, Republican Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen has handed out hundreds of thousands of dollars in merit pay raises, according to a report by Tony Galli of Madison’s WKOW.

Records show DOJ bonus pay totaled $289,629.

Among those receiving a Discretionary Merit Compensation Award (DMC) was Deputy Attorney General Kevin St. John. St. John successfully argued the state’s collecting bargaining case last year before the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

St. John’s merit bonus raised his annual salary more than $5,000 to $134,307.

In other words, if you’re a corrections officer who deals with inmates in Wisconsin’s state prison system, no merit pay raise for you, but if you’re a lawyer who helped defend Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s attack on collective bargaining for public employees, you deserve a raise!


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