Tom Barrett Drops the Ball!

Today Tom Barrett, flanked by Senator Jon Erpenbach and Senator Taylor gave a press conference at the Capitol.

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Barrett cuts press conference short after he’s grilled on MKE city employee concessions & Rahm Emanuel fundraiser.

Do we really want a governor scared to answer the hard questions and does not listen? There is no room in the democratic party for candidates who do not want to listen or explain their record. More on this as more information becomes available.

Governor Falk sounds good to me!


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21 thoughts on “Tom Barrett Drops the Ball!

  1. Yes, I’m sure that the station that employs a Falk supporter like Sly wouldn’t have ANY reason to exaggerate or do something would make Tom Barrett look bad, now would they?

    Sorry Jeff, you’re going to need video and someone who’s not in the tank for Falk say it to have us believe you. The Falk people seem to be getting to the ‘grasping at straws’ point with 19 days left, and it’s not helping her campaign

  2. Im looking for Video and I am also trusting the integrity of the news department there to not do what SLY tells them but to report the news.

  3. Do we want a governor who only listens to the union heads? That is exactly how most people perceive Falk (me included). I support unions but I do understand there are others who also need consideration. Barrett is willing to listen to all sides and will try to bring us together.

    1. I have the same question. There are many people who are part of Voces de la Frontera, the environmental community, and the women’s community who think of Falk as their champion, not the labor champion.

    2. Jeff…like it or not…when the union heads came out for Falk early it made her look like their puppet. I’m not saying it fair or accurate…but that is what most people (outside of Dane County) perceive her to be. That’s the way I see it anyway.

      Jane O…if all those people feel that way about Falk they need to speak up. All I’ve read about Falk is about her union head backing. I personally believe it has turned a lot of people off.

      1. Anon,

        Every person who is running, or who thought about running also tried to get the unions support. They talked to everyone and picked Falk as the best friend to labor and I agree.

        The one thing that gets me is that Falk gets grief for having the backing of the unions and no one seems to care that people like Bob Perry and Foster Friess are bankrolling Scott Walker?

  4. Miles is NOT a reporter… he barged in and shouted epithets and insults at Barrett and Barret chose to end the presser early…Dropping the ball really?

  5. Eh, I’m going to vote for Kathleen Vinehout or La Follette. I’m still voting for the victor regardless which probably won’t be them. But what can you do?

    I’m just sick of Republicans pointing fingers at the Democrats for things they do, with three fingers that point back at them. It’s like they take a pride in doing things that Democrats do, but getting away with it because they control everything.

    1. It is Vinehout for me I think. I listened to her a few times. She is a smart gal with a good sense of humor.

  6. I’m getting really tired of Falk/Barrett and their surrogates baring teeth at each other when we need to keep our fire trained on Walker. I’m also tired of a statewide electoral strategy that focuses on maxing turnout in Mad/Mil while writing off the rest of the state. I’ve decided to support Senator Kathleen Vinehout. She unseated a incumbent gop senator in 2006 and was the only contested senate dem to keep their seat in the wave of 2010. Did I mention that she’s a dairy farmer?

  7. Miles Kristan? I mean. I appreciate that the guy poured a beer on that dweeb Vos, but THAT’S who you’re hanging you hat on for getting Barrett ‘off-kilter’, Jeff?

    I know you like Falk and that’s cool, but seriously, you have to do better. As others note, these attempts to tear down other candidates is bad form. Keep your eyes on the prize, and let’s take out the disaster known as Scott Walker.

  8. The Falk campaign is a disaster, Jeff, for the same reason that union support in the last 40 years has been a disaster. Media influence is a science and an art which union leadership knows nothing about. Perception is reality and the unions have allowed public perception to put them in a bad place and they’ve refused to take responsibility for that…pushing it all back on their membership to “get out the vote.” This strategy has been run into the ground, reinforcing negative public perception. Union leadership’s preemptive move with Falk angered many supporters and Falk’s campaign only reflects the poor leadership.

    1. Well said.

      It was that slick media influence that got me to vote for Reagan as a clueless 18-year-old. I figured it out right quick, but Reagan still got a vote that I can never take back.

      If you remember one thing in this campaign year, remember that there are no “takesies backsies” for elections. If we screw up, the damage is permanent. Sure, we can work our way back to the point that we took for granted before. But in my book spending 20 years NOT making progress, being worse off than before is REAL DAMAGE.

      I want a candidate that can be just as ruthless as the GOP candidate.

  9. Obviously I disagree CK but seriously the one thing I truly disagree on is that the early endorsement of Falk is a bad deal. EVERYONE who is running or wanted to run WANTED that endorsement and tried to get it.

  10. Cat Kin said: “…the unions have allowed public perception to put them in a bad place…”

    For some reason I just can’t get it out of my mind that this is an intentional ruse by the unions. Dogging on Barrett during the primaries just sets him up in a better position if he wins. He’ll appeal to the middle of the road voters by being able to claim not being the unions’ hand picked servant.

  11. Falk is a puppet for being endorsed by a union? Or is Falk a puppet because she says “This is how it all started, and this is step one to fix it” Or is Falk a puppet because she has the “cojones” to play offense AND defense. This elections winner is going to be won by being aggressive, by taking a stand, and by being upfront on how they are going to do it, Not by saying “I’ll release my budget plan after I am elected” Which is what Walker did. Falk has a RIGHT to be aggressive, because for the past year Walker has repeatedly attacked Union workers as the cause for the economic crisis. People have either seemed to have forgotten that, or Walker has told the lie so many times that now it has become the truth.
    Barrett wasn’t even campaigning hard in the last election, he publicly stated he didn’t know if he was going to sign the recall petition, and just recently said he agreed to two out of four debates requested. Do you call that determined?

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