Recall Memo: June 5th Are you registered to vote?

There is still plenty of time to register to vote…and yes…despite Gov. Walker’s recent changes in the law you can still register at the polls. But don’t wait…register today…you will need ID and proof that you will have lived at your current residence for at least 28 days before the election.

And the election is Tuesday June 5th! Recall Scott Walker!


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2 thoughts on “Recall Memo: June 5th Are you registered to vote?

  1. College students in transition at the end of the school year are going to have a very difficult time registering and voting. I don’t see that as accidental. I am sure they would like to vote for those who gave them big tuition jumps.

  2. Thanks for the reminder. College students can either vote early in their college municipalities or vote there via absentee ballot, although it is probably too late to request an absentee ballot…they are hitting the post office today.

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