Why won’t Scott Walker just tell the truth?

Last week video surfaced of Republican Gov. Scott Walker explaining in 2011 to billionaire campaign donor Diane Hendricks how he was going to “divide and conquer” labor unions in Wisconsin in order to turn Wisconsin into a “right to work” state, which would drive down wages for all workers in the state while benefiting businesses.

On Friday, Gov. Walker was asked whether he plans to pursue “right to work” legislation in Wisconsin, and he said he had no intention of pursuing legislation to make Wisconsin a right-to-work state, adding that he would do “everything in my power to keep it from making it to my desk.”

Considering far-right extremist agenda Gov. Walker and the Republican-controlled legislature pushed through during the last session, does anyone really believe Gov. Walker wouldn’t sign a “right to work” bill into law in Wisconsin if given the opportunity? Considering Walker promised a big campaign donor that he’d turn Wisconsin into a “right to work” state, I’m finding it hard to believe he’s suddenly had a change of heart, especially given the fact that the donor Walker made that statement to has given Walker’s campaign over $500,000. That’s a lot of money, and I’m willing to bet Diane Hendricks, who wants to see Wisconsin turned into a “right to work” state, expects a return on her hefty investment.


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8 thoughts on “Why won’t Scott Walker just tell the truth?

  1. Doing everything in his power to keep it from his desk…because he knows that it will destroy him politically right now. If given the choice, sign or veto, he sure as hell would sign it.

  2. “Men are so simple of mind, and so much dominated by their immediate needs, that a deceitful man will always find plenty who are ready to be deceived.”


  3. I am so disappointed that the Governor will not work to make Wisconsin a right to work state. I have the right to apply for any job in this state and I have the right not to pay the extortion of union leadership. For the Governor to say private unions are his partners is wrong there are NO unions that are trustworthy and unions offer no value to companies and the success of the employees, unions have one purpose now and that is to line the pockets of their leadership.

    1. Boy dante, that’s a lot of misinformation in one paragraph.

      For starters, unions have more than one purpose, and if you’d like, we can talk about how states with “right to work” laws actually have lower-paid employees in comparison to states with stronger union presences. Maybe you want to work in a state where you make less money than your unionized counterparts in other states, but that doesn’t sound even remotely appealing to me.

    2. Further, why are you (and so many other conservatives) happy to see a “race to the bottom” when it comes to the wages and benefits paid to workers? Why is it that you’d rather see workers making less money with worse benefits as opposed to seeing those workers organize and barter a better deal from their employers?

      Personally, I’m pretty fond of the American middle class; I think it’s what separates our country from so many others, and I’d hate to see the middle class destroyed simply because conservatives like you want to help line the pockets of billionaires like the Koch brothers.

    3. Sigh.

      Dante, you have the right to apply whereever you want to do so.

      However, do be warned that employers also have the right to have unionized workplaces and to turn down applications from people like you who want to infringe upon employers’ rights.

      Dane, why do you so hate those job creators, the employers in our state, that you want to mess with how they run their workplaces?

      Sigh. Dante’s stoopid, it hurrrrrts.

  4. Dante,

    Move to Alabama. Sounds like both you, and the rest of us who have to listen to your pathetic conservative blathering, will all be happier for it.

  5. Given Dante’s OBSESSION with unions, I have a feeling that he got his ass whooped in kindergarten (during “the critical period” of emotional development when formative brain-mapping takes place in a child’s brain) by the son or daughter of a union member, and has never been able to get over it.

    Get some help, Dante. The consistent irrationality of your views/comments suggests the need for professional intervention. Alternatively, just read whatever Zach has, or re-read whatever he has had, to say about what unions have meant to the working class of this country.

    BUT, at a minimum, and as a courtesy to the rest of us, you need to stop posting your mindless tripe here STAT. As Migosh put it, “[Your] stoopid, it hurrrrrts.” For God’s sake, Dante, just go to FoxNation.com or FreeRepublic.com or RedState.com or PatriotActionNetwork.com or ANY other wingnut echo chamber wherein your mindless, wrong-headed, rightwing views on unions will fit right in. PLEEEEEEEEEASE! And let me thank you in advance for your anticipated courtesy and cooperation in this regard. (*wink*)

    See ya. Wouldn’t want ta be ya. (If “arrested development” is the problem here, Dante, I thought maybe a little kindergarten-era ditty might comfort you.)

    Good luck with everything, my misguided wingnut brother with the odd obsession with unions.

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