Democratic Irony is Nearly As Ironic as GOP Irony

I find it… well… ironic that the DNC released an ad touting their public sector union cred when they failed so catastrophically to engage in the single biggest public employee union fight in the last 30 years in any meaningful way.  I’m not buying the excuse that President Obama couldn’t find his comfortable shoes.

The Democratic Party is thoroughly moribund.


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2 thoughts on “Democratic Irony is Nearly As Ironic as GOP Irony

  1. You said it, Phil. Get new leadership and get some professional help. Go to the University pool first. I don’t think the Dems have the ability to rate professionals.

  2. Teachers, Police Officers and Firefighters: aren’t these people funded almost exclusively with local tax money? Shouldn’t it be up to the local people and their local representatives to determine how their local tax dollars get allocated?

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