So The Democrats Pretty Much Look Like Sh*t Right Now.

First we have the app screw up in the Iowa Caucus. After reading the narrative on how it was developed and how it was delivered, this veteran of 25 years as a software developer…sees that it was bound to fail. AND it makes the Iowa Democratic Party look pretty inept.

And now here in Milwaukee, Dan Bice is reporting that the two top leaders of the 2020 DNC Host Committee have been fired for maintaining a toxic work environment. Fortunately it only took 24 hours to decide to do this…but wtf?

The party really needs to get a handle on the campaign(s) and run them effectively or 2016 is going to look like a pretty good year.


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3 thoughts on “So The Democrats Pretty Much Look Like Sh*t Right Now.

  1. This is why I can’t look too askance at Speaker Pelosi losing her cool and ripping up the speech… She was probably pretty frustrated (understandably) after the week the Democrats have been having.

    1. If that’s all you have to be upset about…she’s doing everything right. And apparently the president wasn’t interested in comparing hand size with her. LOL!

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