Some “Tuesday Music,” courtesy of Tom Petty

It’s entirely likely the three of you who read this blog each day found your way here from Blogging Blue. If you’re a regular reader of Blogging Blue, you’ve no doubt grown accustomed to the regular “Thursday Music” posts. Though Blogging Blue is a politics-centric blog, I always wanted to share a little of myself with readers, and one way I chose to do that was through music. Over the years I’ve shared everything from Johnny Cash to Nine Inch Nails, and I wanted to keep that tradition alive over here, albeit not necessarily on Thursdays (I don’t want to copy my own concept – heh).

That being said, here’s two from Tom Petty to start out your Tuesday. First up is “Don’t Come Around Here No More,” which in addition to being a great song has a great video as well.

And finally here’s a classic, “Free Fallin'”

Have a great day….and don’t forget to vote!


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