The conservative definition of a union thug

The conservative definition of a union thug:

un·ion thug /ˈyo͞onyən THəg/

Noun: Any labor union member who dares to voice an opinion which may run contrary to any belief held by conservatives.

Since Republican Gov. Scott Walker “dropped the bomb” with his union-busting Act 10 in 2011, I’ve seen many a conservative attack those who’ve protested Gov. Walker’s actions by labeling those opposed to Gov. Walker as “union thugs.”

In fact, just yesterday at a rally in support of Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, Walker’s opponent in the June 5 recall election, I saw this sign:


When asked, the man holding the sign (who was later arrested for Disorderly Conduct) said that “union thugs” were any union members who engaged in protests of Gov. Walker and Republicans in the legislature who declared war on public employees with Act 10, regardless of whether those union members had actually engaged in any violent or thuggish behaviors.

As a public employee and a union member, I’ve been called a “thug” for standing in solidarity with my union brothers and sisters, despite the fact that I’ve never engaged in – or advocated for – any violent or thuggish behaviors.

So here’s my question to any of you conservatives out there who might be reading this – what makes someone a “union thug?”


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