Former Lt. Gov Farrow blasts Eric Hovde with both barrels

From my email inbox comes this attack on Republican U.S. Senate candidate Eric Hovde by former Republican Lt. Gov. Margaret Farrow.

“Tommy Thompson was the most successful governor in modern Wisconsin history. Eric Hovde may have missed that while he was making millions off Uncle Sam in Washington the past 25 years, and he owes an apology to Tommy and Wisconsin for his arrogant, condescending comments.

“Governor Thompson has dedicated his life to making Wisconsin a better state, and not mastering how to profit within the government bailout sector.

“Mr. Hovde’s arrogance is stunning, as it takes both an understanding of Wisconsin’s past and present to be a U.S. Senator and a genuine humility that allows one to be a public servant.”

The comments made by Hovde that Farrow was referring to was his statement during a July 18 press conference that, “There are issues on the finance and economy that frankly, Tommy Thompson would have a hard time understanding…”

To be honest, I think Hovde’s statement isn’t far off the mark, because I have no doubt there are issues on finance and the economy that Tommy Thompson would have a hard time understanding. Then again, Thompson’s difficulty understanding some economic/financial issues might be because unlike Eric Hovde, Tommy Thompson has never bought a bank.


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