We need fiscal conservatives….

Yes we need fiscal conservatives in Washington to run our government for us. Obviously, President Obama can’t do it, his wife went on vacation.

So we need a fundamental change government, so that we can have fiscal conservatives like Linda McMahon, who spent $24 million dollars in a PRIMARY for a $174,000/yr Senate job.

Here in Wisconsin we have three big spenders, trying to win a job that pays about $140,000/yr.

Lets also give a special mention to that Republican poster boy Ron Johnson who some say could spend as much as $20 million of is in laws money to buy his Senate seat.

I am sure this is just the tip of the iceberg. That there are these stories in every national, state and local election there is.

I just find it ironic!


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7 thoughts on “We need fiscal conservatives….

  1. Once again the liberals telling people how they can spend THEIR money. IS the money you are whining about from their own personal wealth, if so then why is it any concern of yours how they spend it. If you really care about spending you would tell that yo-yo in the white house to wise up, but you are not about to do that nope go after the rich the mantra of the progressive liberal.

  2. Spend it however you want too. I am just pointing out that if someone is spending 24 Million for a job that pays $174000, I dont want that person making financial decisions for my country.

  3. DO you feel the same about these people

    Clinton, Hillary (D)
    (New York Senate) $12,175,785
    Specter, Arlen (D)*
    (Pennsylvania Senate) $11,063,758
    Coakley, Martha (D)
    (Massachusetts Senate) $9,401,921
    Lincoln, Blanche (D)*
    (Arkansas Senate) $8,431,989
    Pagliuca, Steve (D)
    (Massachusetts Senate) $8,382,211
    Reid, Harry (D)*
    (Nevada Senate) $8,138,115

  4. A quote you might have missed from the article you linked to:

    Even with that one-month haul so early in his campaign — Johnson announced his candidacy on May 17 — the Oshkosh businessman’s campaign coffers are shallow compared to the stash the Middletown incumbent has at his disposal.

    With more than $4.3 million in the bank, his campaign reported, Feingold has more than a four-to-one advantage in available cash.

    Ron Johnson who some say could spend as much as $20 million of is in laws money.

    Wild speculation, mixed in with a blatant lie – good stuff PP. While I’ve never met Johnson, I do know the Curler family a little bit. I can assure you, any money Ron Johnson spends in his bid (beyond what is raised according to finance laws) will be his own. While it’s certainly true that he married into a very successful family which helped him get started, PACUR’s success is a result of the work he and his partner put in both directly and running and managing it.

    As I’ve said all along, criticize the guy’s inexperience in politics all you want. But the muck-raking & making stuff up is just garbage – and probably the biggest reason decent, successful people who truly want to serve don’t get into politics in the first place. And I’m not saying the Republicans are any better because they certainly aren’t. You’ve all made the whole environment toxic.

  5. This post is just stunningly absurd. Are you saying that to be true fiscal conservatives they should allow themselves to be outspent by liberals every time? I guess liberals are free to spend as much as they want and say they are stimulating the media outlets with their ad $.

    Is Feingold spending less than $174,000 in his campaign to retain his job?

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